The Most Wicked Thing You've Seen Done with a Knife


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Jul 26, 1999
I will start this with my pleasant story. Fortunately, I wasn't involved.

I was on my first mission to Mogadishu, Somalia. I was downtown (before it got really bad) installing some commo gear for the U.N. commander. The building they were operating out of was close to the airport. In between the building and the airport was a big field where all the U.S. trash was being dumped. It was all gold to the Skinnies. They would climb in the trucks and start digging for stuff even as it titled the bed and dumped everything. They went rolling out with the trash.

Anyway, a gang controlled the trash dump. They would let people sort through the trash then they would search people as they left the dump and take whatever they felt was valuable. I was on the roof, setting up an antenna, when I stopped to watch the activities. I had a 4x scope on my CAR-15, so I had a close look. One guy tried to leave the scene without clearing his merchandise with the gang. An arguement started, and all of a sudden, all the gang members pull out machetes and makeshift knives and hacked this guy to pieces...literally. I kept thinking of the scene in Apocalypse Now when they sacrifice the cow as Col. Kurtz is getting whacked.
Because of ROE, all I did was watch and go WOW.

All the other trash pickers just went about their business of digging through the trash.

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Well, that trumps what I was gonna say. Nevermind...

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Does viewing capital punishment in the KSA count?

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I was sharpening my Al Mar Folding SERE a few years back, and the knife slipped and cut the tip of my pinky.
When I was on a mission trip to haiti, we saw the following local tragedy: a man cut a young woman's face from ear to chin. We had a retired corpman, a Viet Nam vet, who cleaned and bandaged the wound. We were sickened.

For all the problems with justice in the USA, I've got to say thank God for the law. Bless all the LEOs on the board. Bless all the troops.
I wasn't there to see it, but in the recent low-budget, low-tech genocide in Rwanda and the horrors that have followed in the Congo, upwards of a million people have been murdered with machetes, an essential tool of tropical agriculture that normally keeps people eating. For wholesale killing, one technique is to hack at the leg tendons of men, women, and children so they can't run away, and then come back and hack them to death at leasure.


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I was at a party in an area called Chatsworth just outside Los Angeles and a couple of gang members started fighting. Well one of the guys got his knife out and stab the other guy in his gut. The injured guy was bleeding very bad and when someone took off the guys shirt to see how bad it was, his intestines started coming out....looked to be a few feet...That was pretty nasty. I heard later that the guy was ok. This goes against my rule #42 "Man should not have to see their own insides"
Not trying to compare this to any of the above tradgedies, because this doesn't even come close. If you generalize this to one of the guys on this forums signatures, "All of God's creatures have knives", if I remember right. One day, I had roughly 50 knives lay into my arm and as a real stocky 6'++ American Alligator shook me like a rag doll. Glad she didn't go into a death roll. Could of been worse. Still got my arm. The teeth and lacerations didn't hurt nearly as much as the pressure from the jaws. It was one of those times when I was not following safety rules w/wildlife. Probably should have gotten stitches, but had I gone to the emergency room, the paper, then the politicians would have found out, then some communistic law forbidding the freedom of keeping/handleing animals would have been passed. Would rather have freedom. But that's another forum.


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Well, I only saw the results of this, but one fellow tried to open a coconut with a Spderco Military. Snapped the blade cleanly off, then brought it back to the store saying "you told me this knife was tough..."

Oh, wait, are the "wicked" things suppose to happen to people? Yuck, that's much worse...

I would have evacuated all of my orifices if a gator got a hold of me. When I was still active duty, we used to go to Avon Park here in FL(a bombing range and first class swamp) and patrol for a week or two. Every night we would be be-bopping knee deep in the mangroves and you could hear the gators snarling and rumbling all around you. I never knew what was worse...walking point and being the first unlucky sucker to step on one or walking rear security, where if you got snagged, no one would know about it for awhile.

Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.

I can't say that their growl is worse than their bite, but their growl is pretty nasty too. From your experiences I can identify with you that not seeing and not knowing where is the part that's tough to get through . When they get you is most of the time from people trying to get them (as I was doing), or from those who go swimming at night while they are fishing. They don't like to eat people, but if they can't tell, just hear some splashing, well your no different than a dog (which is on the menu) to them. If you ever watch the Crocodile Hunter, I like to spend lots of my time like Steve Erwin. Its fun when you aren't getting tangled up in a death roll. All the same, I'd rather take my chances with most wild animals with knives, than wild people w/ knives. Faced some gun fire before. Only once with a knife. Thank you for your service to our country.


"But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip; and he that hath no sword let him sell his garment and buy one." Luke 22:36 & John 3:18
BTW Dogman. The Port a Prince airport was a riot, literally. When we arrived, we had to bribe these thugs $300 to let us out. Shots were being fired awful. That was money we wanted to do some good with, too.

Anyway, on the trip back to the airport. I noticed a calm peaceful presence. No thugs, crowds, shootings, just a "normal" third world airport. No airport rentacops but the kind and hard working gentlemen of the 82nd Airborne. I could have kissed them. We were on a mission trip but these guys put the fear of God into many unused to the experience.

I met the Cpt. Among other weaponry, and his clear gargoyles, was a knife, looked like a SOG, carried horizontally, on his belt. To this very day, I shake the hand of any man I meet with jump wings.
Thanks for your comments and stories. I personally have carried a SOG Government Recon on my web gear (LBE) for the last five years. It has served me well. I have been lucky to be a witness and not a participant (at least not with knives). There are many participants of this forum who have seen action on the streets of this country and others. Nothing makes you feel so small as to be involved in violence in a place far,far away from home.

Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.
I didn't get scared while I was there. Something about being on a mission in the name of God to a suffering people changes one's perspective. I sure did feel small but God is big.

I was only carrying an el cheapo kmart folder on the trip.

Concerning the US army, I enjoyed watching the rangers and the special forces playing good cop and bad cop.

Another minister wondered why the airborne guys wanted to look and act so scary. I said: "To save lives. When somebody looks real bada** like if you throw a rock he'll throw lead, you'll get real peaceful fast."

I'd still like to know how I can sharpen my machete that I got down there.
In 1960 I witnessed a bar brawl between two women who had each firmly grabbed the other's hair and were stabbing and slashing away at each other. I never saw their faces, hadn't seen the fight start nor learned its outcome, since my friends and I beat it out of there before we could get involved (there were plenty of others attempting to get things under control.)

I have often wondered what could have been so important to have caused such savagery. And by women, yet!!!
In South-eastern Africa in the mid 80's I was part of a "technical assistance package". The country I was in was pretty well burned out from a civil war that was in its 10th or 11th year when I got there.

One night I get a knock on my door with a message that a small transport aircraft had gone down on approach to one of the provincial capitols and we were to leave at dawn on a "recovery mission". Government troops expected to have the area secured by the time we got there.

When we did finally arrive I walked to the far side of one large section of fuselage that had broken away. One of our "protectors" was back there using a machete to chop a finger from a severed arm so he could get a ring off of it.

I turned around, got back in the truck and told the local CO there was nothing worth recovering and to get me the @#*% out of there. Since that day I keep my wedding band (the only ring I own) on my keychain. Still gives me the creeps to think about it.


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On a lighter side, when I came home one day some years back, I found my favorite knife all scratched up and with many chips out of the edge. I was 14 back then and my imitation Buckmaster survival knife was in my mind the best (and baddest ofcourse) knife out there.Back then my knives only cut through paper and air. When I asked for an explanation, my mother calmly said: well, we needed to cut some carpet in the bedroom, and since you always have a sharp knife...
They used the knife on a concrete floor pretty much the same way you use a stanley knife to cut paper. I was very upset and to this day it was indeed the most wicked thing I have seen done with a knife. Ofcourse it doesn't compare with the stories above.