The neck knife formerly known as

Sep 23, 2000
maybe you recognize this:
i was in search for a neck knife some weeks. Ordered 3, but have to wait for them.
Then i saw this knife, i liked it, and it was available fast, so it had to fill the need!
It was not designed as a neck knife so i had to make some change to the sheath and the handle but now i think it will serve me well till the others arrive and probably much longer.


Oh, have to tell, it was formerly known as:
KaBar Precision Hunter!

*so is life : hard but unfair*
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Have to say, that's pretty slick. The wrap looks great.
Did you have to grind the handle any?
Nice conversion!!

Maybe Ka-Bar has got themselves a new design tech!?!?!

--The Raptor--

Hi Gentlemen Thanks
@ OwenM: No the angle from the blade to the handle is strictly KaBar`s idea, and it works great IMHO! Just had to push the pipe out of the lanyard hole and cut the Kraton handle at one side to slip it off (it is still in one piece, maybe i will have some use for it later).
The leather is just X-wraped, start near the blade and wrap "right line up, left under", other side "left up, right under" the knot at the end first looked to thick but after a few blows with the hammer it is flat and fits great with the last finger.

@ Raptor: there is nothing realy new to my conversion and so it`s free for everyone to use this little inspiration.
Have fun, as i had!

*so is life : hard but unfair*
~bigbore`s knives~