The new combat option

Oct 23, 2006
So I have a fair amount of customers who are part of our fighting forces and I've decided to offer something for their needs and tastes. That would be the combat option. The combat option will be offered on certain model knives to make them more suitable for what a combat soldier might need in a knife. Usually that means toughness because there aren't many people I know that are harder on knives than soldiers, airmen, Marines and sailors.
Got the combat option forms up.
Check it out here if you're interested:
This is a Model 1926 "c" which has the standard combat options on it.



Standard on all "c" designated knives will be:
Half height convex grind with a sharpened (depending on where you live) or false top edge, Red-white and blue spacers, pommel plate, an off side combat logo etch and corby bolts as fasteners. Those features listed above will always be on these knives, there's no changing them.

Possible add-ons and features-
-Kydex sheaths will be available for these (no leather) in o.d. green and black only. If you'd like a sheath there is also the option (possibly as of now) of getting a pouch attached to the front. This is the pouch I'm gonna try to fit to the front of the kydex sheaths. They'll be available in black or o.d.
It's a maxpedition compass pouch.

-off side logo etch- The standard or default etch for the off side will likely be that Kill Captain logo but I'm not decided on that yet.
There will likely be an option for specific military unit insignia to be etched in that spot instead if you want it. I have some figuring out to do but I think it's gonna be possible to do.
Anyway, if I can do it it means things like 101st airborne, 82 airborne etc. Whatever unit patch I can reproduce will be available. Even special units like Green Beret, Ranger etc. I'll have a verification process for any special units.
- Duracoat flats- This is another possibility. Duracoat in a color to match the handle scale material on the flats of the knife. I may even offer a model with the entire blade duracoat covered but I'm not sure on that yet.
- Premium packaging- I'll keep this optional so I can keep down the costs and get more of these into the hands of the people who need them. But it'll be available for people that wan it. It'll consist of a cylinder or box o.d green in color with the U.S. star and circle insignia with "Turley knives" written over the top. The Model number will be hand written on the box.
This is what the packaging will look like

The Model 21 will still be available but won't be available with a pommel plate. It will have the option of red, white and blue spacers- corby bolts, off side etching, kydex sheath and compass pouch on the sheath.

There will be more definite decisions on the options in about four months from now. By that time I'll have more time for experimenting with them.

Here's the models that the combat option will be available on:
Model 4 Missouri River (not available with premium packaging)
Model 8 Current River
Model 16 Dogwood Creek
Model 17 Cooper's Creek
Model 19 Soldier River
Model 1926
Model 20 Gasconade River
Model 25 Mississippi River
Model 26 Green River
Model 28 Huzzah Creek

To all of you that aren't into the military and tacticool things, don't fret. Woodsman knives are still my primary focus so nothing will be changing in that aspect. But I felt that I wanted to offer our fighters something that would be more useful to them while doing their jobs to keep us free.
Hope you like it and just holler if you have any questions. I'll try to get a quote page up for these soon.
Oct 23, 2006
Alright then. Here's the kydex with the pouch option. This one is in o.d. green (obviously) but there's a black option, too. All the screws are rubber mounted to make the sheath noise free.





That's a maxpedition compass/strobe pouch on there now. But it'll fit anything that has molle straps in back. It's removable.
Here's a size comparison. On the left is the maxped tactical can case- middle compass pouch- right maxped small rolly pollie dump pouch

Here it is beside the larger maxped anemone

All of those can be put on the sheath but the standard is the compass pouch.
Hope ya dig.


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Jun 18, 2008
Iz, that looks great! How thick is that one photoed?
Feb 23, 2007

Your knives look great and the combat options are awesome! A couple things to consider. Sheaths should be MOLLE compatible, and also meet requirements to be "jump ready" for certain units. That usually means additional tie-down straps for the handle and tie down options for the sheath, not just the friction fit of the Kydex. Also, many units can only carry fixed blade knives with the permission of their C.O., and then they usually have to have a 4" blade or under when not in forward positions where they may be in active engagement.


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Apr 9, 2004
Damn brother, they rock. Very nice. Never got into doing swedges but you did well on that one.
Nov 9, 2003
Oct 7th will be 14 years in the Army for me. DAMN this is awesome. Carried alot of knives over the years but this one looks awesome.
Oct 23, 2006
Here's a couple more combat option knives. One heading to Iraq and one to A-stan.
These have the new combat etch on the off side.

A 26c with sharpened top edge, 1/4" o-1 steel






A 1926c with varied grind , 1/4" o-1 steel