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The Next Logical Step for the Axis

Nov 26, 1998
I like my Axis, and from these forums so do a lot of other people. Since no one has raised this question yet, I will.
-Mini-Axis, anyone? - Brian
I dunno if I understand your question, but here it goes. Their is a Mini-Axis lock. You can see one at http://www.confederatecutlery.com
and several other places. Don't you ever visit BM's forum??? -AR
My 'next step' wish for the Axis:

M-2 High Speed Steel, a la AFCK.


And in the Captain's chambers
they're gathered for the feast.
They stab it with their steely knives
but they just can't kill the beast
Amen, Coronach!

I asked about the M2 Axis on the BM forums. 2 weeks and almost a dozen posts later -- no answer from BM.


Clay Fleischer

Knives are for usin' -- Pictures are for looking at...

I'm waiting for an Axis that has no recurve on the blade.

Yes, I understand, it has a cutting advantage, and that learning to sharpen it is fun and profitable, but it is a complication. I have enough complications in my life and don't need any more.
Walker I agree, but I have learned to sharpen my Axis on my Lansky system to a razors edge. I judge sharpness by my Spyderco C16 and the Axis is definetly on a par with it now. I have talked in a previous thread about how the rec. blade is nice it ain't simple like the rest of the knife is. Now that I have mastered the tech. for the Lansky I really can't say that.
Simple to do just requires more patience is all. Keep'em sharp.
PS and Axis with a simple drop point and slightly wider blade with a good belly would be an all time best seller. Keep the same length of blade though.
Ooops!!! -AR

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BM hasn't been around the forums lately. Must be busy with the new knives. (Good) I believe the Mini-Axis doesn't have that recurved blade. I hope to get a 710 or a 710BT this week. We'll see. -AR

I've asked the question about recurve on the mini and seen a picture in the BM printed catalogue. James Mattis tells me there was no recurve on the one he handled at a show. The picture clearly shows a straight edge. I will probably get one if this is true. I usually go for the mini versions more than the full size. For me the 710 is too big for daily carry. This is precisely why I have a small Sebenza and mini AFCK. More convenient daily pocket carry, IMHO.

The pictures I've seen of the BM 705 (the mini axis lock) leave me a little unclear about the point configuration. Is it a drop point or a straight clip?

The pictures in the BM catalog look like the tip config on the 705 is the same as the one on the 710, with the straight blade instead of recurve. However, it also looks to me like the first 1/16 or so of the blade, nearest the handle, isn't sharpened.

Also, if you look in the BM catalog, they list all the knives planned for M2 this year. The 705 and 710 are not included in the list. However, note that the 140 and 145 are!
That should make a few people happy.

You want to know what the next step for the axis should be;

Replace that weak little 0.12 inch blade with a 5/32 inch blade of either 440V or BG-42.