The number one HI sabre. Pix and deal.

Mar 5, 1999
Here's the first HI Sabre to come out of BirGorkha. Bura made it and did his usual 10/10 performance. Basic specs are 34 inches and three pound, 1/4 inch thick and about 1.5 inches wide. Fit and finish outstanding, hardness up to par.

The scabbard fit when it arrived in Reno a couple of days back but has shrunk up until it's too tight. I was trying to resheath this sabre yesterday and cut through the scabbard edge in two places. It's going to take a strip to repair the scabbard edge and some routing or stretching to get it back to normal.


The edge is sharpened on the back of the blade for about four inches from tip as you can see in this picture.


This little bird shows up on the bottom end of the guard -- nice touch.


The handle is excellently done and fully engraved.


This sabre will sell for the same price as the standard katana -- $245 but due to damage to scabbard inflicted by Uncle Bill this one goes for $195.

Call or email if interested.

Blessings from the computer shack in Reno.

Uncle Bill
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It's a Tulwar!

Beautiful, Uncle Bill...I have to go to the SFI Islamic forum and let them know

More of a sabre than a tulwar, but I agree, this is one nice piece. Think that whoever gets this should have a new scabbard done up by Terry Sisco.

Very neat Uncle Bill. Unfortunately, I'm poor, and if I couldn't afford a $60 beauty yesterday, I sure can't afford a $200 beauty today.
I definately think I'm going to have to pick one up at some point.

Well, the all metal handle definitely screams Tulwar, but traditionally on a tulwar of 34" the handle would be about 5" an the blade 29"

the curve of the blade and thickness is also more similar to most Tulwar than to a saber (blades referred to as "sabers" usually have light, curved blades).

Harry, what kind of saber are you referring to?, as "saber" is a relatively wide term.

I dont know about the weight, but it's gorgeous. Katana, Tulwar, Sabre, Kora. Are there any kamis left at Birghorka making khuks? ( Jes tzn ). there will be Kothimoda Sabre's...

Hey guys,what do you think is more important to you....

1. Overall shape and design of a piece?
2. Embellishments on the piece?

I, for one, can't decide

Sorry, I should have specified that it reminds me more of a European Sabre. Having one of the Bura Tulwars - straight blade, no curvature of the blade...but there are likely many variations I am not aware of and was basing my initial opinion on the knowledge I have...


If it don't work, it's only a phony.

As Townsend Whelan said ( or somebody ) "Only accurate rifles are interesting."

Like finding a good woman. She's good enough, you find she becomes more beautiful all the time. You want to make love to her soul. If she's only superficial prettyness, on the outside there's more interesting things to do that go to bed and engage in "mutual onanism"

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Perhaps the BirGorkha Tarwar should become the BirGorkha Falchion, and the BirGorkha Sabre should become the BirGorkha Tulwar...

Thought falchions were shorter, broader, and wider at the end than the tarwar.

But I've only seen one or two pictures of them.
This is great -- new weapons! First the hasiya, now this talwar. I hope that a Kothimora scabbarded version does come out!

Speaking of excitement, just a few more days till I'll be able to order my first HI khukuri, the YCS...!
Yeah, Falchions were quite broad at the last 1/2 of the length but the "tarwar" is closer to a falchion than a Tulwar. Whereas the "sabre" pretty much is a Tulwar form (though Tulwar usually have very short, one handed grips)

This is a really nice sword...the whole thing looks extremely solid.

I am very curious to hear what Uncle Bill hinted at earlier in the thread though...


Bro I Absolutely LOVE this piece whatever it's called!!!!
And this one would come before the Everest Katana for me!!!!

The only concern I have is if the handle is comfortable.
And that's only because I have heard you say so many times that the old ones were very uncomfortable and gloves needed to be worn with it to keep from damageing your wrist.

So since I, as well as everyone else here on the forum, trusts your judgment what do you have to say for its, the handle, being comfortable?


Indin word for lousy hunter.
Incredible! The most elegant and classic HI piece I've seen so far. If only I had my surplus guns sold! Whine, whimper, drool....
I would even be willing to wrestle, like Beowulf with Grendel, the dreaded Phantom of the Khukura for this one