The old Buck 184, does anyone still really use it?

Aug 31, 1999
The old BuckMaster, I just want a reaction from whoever likes this knife as much as I do. I bought it about 8 years ago and I modified it to adapt to my personal requirements.
The original is too heavy and the guard is to wide. I never used the pins so I "cut of the three holes"?. I changed the sheath by using a leather belt instead of the cordura and now it doesn't move on your belt when walking.
It requires some skill to do it without machine help but it was fun and the knife is now worth even more than it's original sales-prize?
Does anyone know what kind off stone the sharpeningstone is made of?

Hi Math,

Welcome to the forums.

I also like the Buckmaster knife. Unfortunately, it was a little over the top.

1) The spikes have always been a mystery to me. I know they were suppose to be used as an underwater anchor point. I just do not know how it was suppose to be rigged. Also, there was never a good way of carrying the spikes when they were detached.

2) The sawback on the knife was near useless. This is probably the single weakest feature on the knife.

The sheath though was innovative and first rate. It is currently issued with the US M9 Bayonet.

Funny you should ask. Just last weekend, my son used the Buckmaster to chop up the little things that sprout up around the foundation of the house. It chops pretty well, but he did hit the foundation at one point and seriously folded over the edge. The knife is pretty psycho-looking, very Rambo-esque. It`s a little too aggressive looking for me, but my kid loves it!
I'll never be able to like a "buckmaster" my son took my Gerber Mark I with the offset blade about 10 years back and traded it for the monstrosity! which by the way he lost !

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