The one thing I don't like about my Wegner

Feb 4, 1999
The only thing I can think of that I don't like about my Wegner is the index finger cutout. I have pretty small hands, and if I just place my index finger in the depression, it feels fine, but then my thumb is too far back from the hump to give much control. If I choke up on the handle a bit and fit two fingers into the cutout, then my middle finger gets chewed up a bit on the teeth at the back of the lock and the contours of the back of the cutout. I'm sure the index finger cutout is large for people wearing gloves while hunting or something, and otherwise I love this knife, but that one little thing tends to plague me everytime I use my Wegner. I could probably modify it a bit to fit my hand better, but I hate to tamper with my nicer knives!
That's an interesting observation, Chiro. My hands are a bit weird -- like the rest of me, I suppose. I have a large, wide palm, but relatively thin fingers. (Never would make it as a proctologist. Ever notice most of them have fingers like sausages?)

I think the "problem" is the desire to have a bit of a guard. If the Wegner were to be used strictly as a "hunting" knife, then I think it would have been better to make the lower side of the pivot end be flush with the unusually long ricaso. That would enable a significant number of grip possibilities. In fact, that ricasso is one of the best points of the Wegner. Even wiht abrupt lock breakage, all that would hit my hand would be the ricasso. One reason why I trust the liner lock of the Wegner more than any other, probably.

When I move my hand far enough forward to get my thumb onto the hump, then only the middle of my social finger is touching at the back edge of the cutout. If I don't grip too tightly, it is quite comfortable, and enables me to get the added power of the thumb pressure.

It appears to me that the farther one moves the hand forward, the less benefit from the downcurved handle. For me, with just my index finger in the cutout, the handle perfectly curves downward to fill my hand. I know I would have good pushing/thrusting power, plus something to enhance pulling the blade backwards.

Sounds like this Lynx or whatever, if it comes out might be perfect for you with your smaller hand. For me, the Wegner is about perfect.
IIRC from a conversation with Tim at Blade last year, the front well is for choking up into a skinning grip. The index finger is up where the choil meets the handle, and the middle and ring fingers lie in the well (maybe just the middle finger, particularly in gloves). The knife is turned sideways from a fencing grip so your thumb is layed on the flat of the blade. The grip gives a really stable, controlled pull of the blade's belly on a more horizontal plane to seperate skin from meat.
Chiro --

This is exactly the reason I passed on the Wegner, although I admire its design attributes greatly. The handle just didn't work for me. Either I uncomfortably stuffed two fingers into the front cutout, or I had just one finger there, with what feels like an awkward grip.

It must only fit us ppl with odd hands...
I have normal sized palms, but long skinny fingers. At least 70% of the knife choices don't like me.
I find with my index finger in the groove, my thumb hits the notches perfectly. My middle and ring finger sit near the back. My pinky barely hits the handle.
In this position, the handle just about hits the meaty part where your thumb connects to your hand, With the handle perfect centered in my hand.

This allows for the blade to be held comfortably in my hand shape.