The "other" forum???

Oct 28, 1998
Hello -- I thought I as losing my mind when I tried to get into this forum only to be "dumped" into the "other" one by mistake. I'm not happy about how it happened, a little strange. Anybody else have a similar experience?

Say what? What method were you using to get to this forum? Was it a bookmark?


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That must have been a wetware failure. I've done it myself, clicked on the bookmark next to the one I intended to click on.

The only other explanation is the Net Demons need propitiating again -- throw another virgin into the volcano.

-Cougar Allen :{)
That sounds as bad as unexpected diarrhea

Rather than see this thread stoop to denegrating KFC, let me concentrate on your graphic dilema with a story. (Maybe Whacko or Kodiak PA can identify the compound I will be mentioning

Many, many moons ago as a young army enlisted troop, an admin type used to annoy us as he had a penchant for grabbing whatever open drink someone set down and literally inhaling the contents with one gulp. Word got back to the medics who supplied one of our junior sargents with a compound that was used to clean out someones system before an operation or whatever. This stuff was said to be extremely potent and delivered quick results.

So in we walk, with the buck sgt holding an open can of soda. He sets it on the counter and turns to talk to us. True to form, el dunderhead snatches up the can and tosses the contents down in one blinding move. His eyes turninto the size of headlights before he can return the now empty soda can to the countertop. Seems the compound worked quicker than anyone had expected for our hero had completely lost it, depositing the entire contents of his bowels into his pants. The place exploaded in an uproar of laughter as we fought to get out of the building to escape the unbelievable smell el dunderhead was projecting.

Now that is what I call a case of unexpected diarrhea

One of the occasions I got expelled from highschool involved a forced bake sale by my spanish teacher. Seems I had to participate of lose a letter grade. Me and some other moronic friends baked three dozen sugar cookies with Ex-Lax added for the chocolate chips. We were liberal and put at least 16 chips to every cookie. That worked out to a 2X dose.
There were only 500 or so in the total enrollment. More than half were gone by lunchtime. Some were reacting, and some were just taking advantage of the fiasco.
We were called into the principals office mid afternoon and questioned about the cookies. When the principal himself said he knew those cookies were spiked because he had a reaction, me and my buds couldn't contain ourselves and broke out in laughter.
That's a true story and a legacy at that same school.
Of course, I have changed my ways and am practically a saint now

have heard on good advice that airline stewardess put visine in extremely obnoxious customers drinks....they spend the rest of their trip in the water closet.......
My "unexpected diarrhea" comment was a cheap shot and in poor taste.
I apologize to everyone. I wish to support the high caliber behavior here, and that was not in line.
I thought you were a Navy man........I have no idea what compound causes instant diarrhea but I loved the story.

Bill: You can bring up bodily functions anytime you want.

Tom: Loved the article about you in this month's TK. I told anyone who would listen that you were a member of the fourm.




Phenolphthalein...we used it back in grad school for "teaching lessons"

Now that rings a bell!!!
Thanks, never could remember what that stuff was but boy does it ever work quick!


I was
. But I was also a enlisted days were in the Army. I took my commission in the Navy.


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Bald1; phenophthalein works fairly rapidly, but NOTHING will as fast as you describe.

DC: Cara mia; I have lost my heart; a woman proficient with guns, knives, and now (sort of) POISONS?? Is one of your ancestors from the Borgia family??

I am an accomplished priestess in the Universal denomination of Entropy, and a zealous adherent to our 3 Holy Laws of Thermodynamics
ROTFL! I gotta get me some of that stuff.