The Paul Knife

Oct 6, 1999
Have heard that this knife was an innovator in design but was probably too expensive to mass produce. I could be wrong. Does anyone have any pictures of it or know of availability or specs on it? Is someone still manufacturing it? Any for sale out there?

Thanks for the threads. A real help. I guess I should have looked up in search. I forgot. Thanks.
Tangus see my thread in the FS/FT forum

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Tangus -

A.G. Russell has Pauls for sale. After Gerber stopped production, the manufacturer was left with parts for 500 more knives. A.G. snapped up the opportunity to have the remaining knives assembled and sell them.

Check it out on his site


Tony King
Tulsa, OK
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Keep in mind that they are more of a curiosity then a real "user" knife. The steel (425J) is not that great (but takes a nice mirror polish
) and the locking mechanism is prone to clogging up by dirt/sticky fluids. I also found that it's not a true one-hand knife. As a collectors piece it's ok, for a user you might be better off with a Spyderco for half the price.