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The Perfect Circuit Board knives

Oct 28, 1998
Hello all,

Let me begin by telling you I do NOT work for Center Cross Knives, or get any money from the sale of ANY knives from Center Cross. I just know Gene Osborn to be a good man who makes a great knife. His folding knives are among the finest ever made, and I've been collecting for over 30 years, so I think I know a good knife when I see one.

Center Cross has started making these great looking knives, with old circuit boards used for the handle material. I know, seen them before. But not made to this level of quality. PLEASE check them out, you won't be sorry. The site for them is:


If I knew how to put a picture on my posting I would do so, causing a mad rush to the Center Cross site.

Anyway, I hope if anyone out there is looking for the best folding knife being made today with old circuit boards used for the handle material, they will check out this site. You will not be sorry you did. These could be the a great gift for a computer "knut" who also appreciates a well made knife.

Take care, and have a happy and safe holiday season.


PS -- If this is the wrong place for this type of posting, I am very sorry. I'll move it as soon as someone tells me where I should post this message. Seeing the time of year, I want to be sure people see this information. These are great looking knives which will make great gifts!

(If anyone out there has the uncontrollable urge to buy a knife and give it to someone they don’t know, I’d be happy to give my address to them so they can send me a Center Cross knife. It’s the least I can do to help these generous people out.)

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I don't know, man, I'm sure the blades are first quality, but Gabby over by the VFW next to the Seven-Eleven where I buy my used bowling pins for target shooting says that the BATF can 'listen in' on your conversations, no matter how much tinfoil you put in your baseball cap. He broke open my radio, and showed me a circuit board that looked just the same! I said, "Gabby, it's a Japanese radio, and you can bet for damn sure any revenuer that works for the government doesn't understand Japanese!" He pointed out that the very FIRST day he parked his brand new half-ton in front of the massage parlor, his wife found out about it in less than an hour! Sure enough, circuit board under the dash! From now on, we're only buying knives made on a forge! Heck, the toilets don't even work over there...--OKG
Great answer!

Let me put you at ease -- these circuit boards, the ones used in the Center Cross knives came out of American made pinball machines -- I promise. What can be more normal and American than a pinball machine. Another source of circuit boards was from the processor Budweiser uses to process their beer. Think about it -- you will be holding part of the brain behind Budweiser beer in your hand while you cut your plug of tobacco. None of the circuit boards came from out of the country OKG, rest assured, your secrets will be safe, and America will be protected.

Gene had the chance to get some circuit boards from the old ballot counting machines in Florida, but turned them down for not being well made -- if you listened to the knife handle you could hear NPR radio shows, scary stuff those, let me tell you.....
Thanks, Onehand. I still get the chills when I sleep, and let me tell you, I don't sleep that much anymore...--OKG
Camillus Cutlery also sells circuit board handled knives. They may not be custom knives, but they are much cheaper than those from Center Cross.

I am not trying to take anything away from the knives made by Gene Osborn. I think those look great. But I do want to create some balance in this thread so that it does not look so much like an ad

Pretty knives...but, 'Extended tang lockback'? Yikes!

Berreta also has a circuitboard inlay knife.
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Yes, there are other makers of circuit board handled knives. Camilus makes two versions, one with an "un-named" steel blade, probably 420 or similar, and a bigger one out of ATS-34. the price difference between the two camilus knives is big, as it should be considering the steels used in each. Berretta makes a version of this type of knife with the circuit board in a frame, like you would do with Mother of Peal or bone, if you didn't want to depend on these materials for their strength. An interesting way of showing off the circuit board, but not very clever in my opinion. I like the Camilus ones better than the Berretta one. Nerretta also uses AUS-8A for the blade. I don't want to start a war on this thread, so I won't say anything bad about AUS-8. Let's just say there are better steels out there and leave it at that. These two companies are making a production knife. the price you pay is a lot more than their knives cost to make. You are paying a bumch of middle men, but that is true about any production knife. The Center Cross knives are moe expensive, but this is what it costs Gene to make them, one at a time. I think they are a deal, especially considering the trick lock on the blade.

I didn't mean this to sound like an ad, so I'm sorry if it did. I just wanted any collectors out there to know about a very interesting knife available to them. The use of a circuit board is a nice idea. They would be the perfect gift for someone who works with computers, which covers a lot of ground. ANY knife with circuit boards used as the handle can fill this "gift idea". I just wanted the forum people to know there is a choice out there for those who want something better and different. The lock on the Center Cross folders can keep someone entertained for quite a while. It's fun watching someone play with it -- they go into a trance as they open and close it.............

Hey wait a minute, maybe OKG is on to something????????

As for the mechanism locking the blade, the extended tang -- it is unbelieevable. The fit and finish is so good you can't figure out how it's done. It is very secure with no chance of the blade ever closing on your hand. I too thought this was a design that could hurt someone, but it isn't. It's almost magic.

Oops, there I go again -- an advertisement. I just can't help myself; these are very special.

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I have one of the small Camillus Circuit Board knives- Will Fennell talked me into it at the NYC show- he said it would make me a "Tough Guy". I'm still waiting to toughen up as per his promises, but I got one heck of a sweet little knife out of the deal- it's a nice little cutter- always starts a conversation & doesn't scare the poop out of the folks here in the office. BTW- I hear the blades on the small ones are also ATS-34. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

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