The real way to deter crime! (no knives)

Apr 7, 1999
Here is a little tactic I learned about in my Uncle's store in South America. If someone was stealing, rather than confront him or arrest him we would put on a little show. One employee would dress as a normal person, the other would remain in the apron. We would make sure relativly no other customers were in the store, or near the isle of the thief. First the normally dressed employee would walk up close to the thief and obviously pocket some item off the shelf. Then there would be a yell from down the hall. The outfitted employee would rush the other and accuse him of stealing, all the while the real thief would be standing there watching the two. The arguement would intensify as planned, and then the clerk would proceed to beat the other employee with fast combination blows and hits to the head. The fight would end with ketchup or red dye on the floor while the beaten employee's face was dripping in dye. Usually the real thief would see this beating and drop his stolen items in a different corner before leaving the store. Otherwise he would panic and run out and we would either stop him or just let him go seeing as how he is probably not going to return again anyway. It was not really done that often because it probably didn't encourage people to shop there, but it was more fun than directly confronting the thief. I never participated, but it was entertaining on the slow days. Of course no knives are in this story since it would have been to serious to try that. Also as I mentioned before this is not in the United States where there are probably laws against that sort of creative problem solving.
Good idea I guess it would be against the law here in the USA. Well that would be quite exciting to see something like that in some store. It sure would make you think twice against stealing something.