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The Silver Leaf

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Jun 13, 2006
This is my best knife made in 2006. I spent a lot of time on it and I like the result.

The blade:6-1/2" long made from 1/4" thick piece of A2 tool steel. Hardened, cryo and tempered to 58HRC. Hand rubbed satin finish.
The handle and the sheath are made from the same piece of Claro Walnut.
Bolster, pommel, sheath throat and tip are made from nickel silver. All of them are hand engraved.
The sheath throat has leather inlay to prevent direct contact with the bolster. Knife comes with simple right handed leather harness to carry it on a belt.
This knife is One-Of-A-Kind hand made piece and I guarantee that no copies will be made.
The price is $450 shipped CONUS.
Thank you.
:eek: damn that is nice. great looking piece of knife art. :thumbup: i wish i had the money but xmas busted me. someone is gonna get a beautiful blade
I received this knife today and it is absolute artwork in its design and execution, and yet so ergonomic and functional! Couldn't be happier with it--the sheath setup is seriously cool too--beautifully done, holds the knife VERY securely and----this is so cool----because of the nickel throat on the sheath, I actually have a knife that makes the movie-style SSSHHHHIIIIING! sound when you pull it out of its sheath! :D

This man is a master of his craft, fellas, and a fine gentleman aswell.