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The SOG Team

Mar 23, 2000
SOG Specialty Knives & Tools, Inc. has an outstanding staff. I'd like to take a moment to introduce just a few of our key personnel.

  • Spencer Frazer, Co-owner and President (and Design Guru) - Spencer is our chief product designer. Having a background in aerospace engineering, he has focused those skills toward his love of knives; designing stunning SOG products we have all fallen in love with. His products have won SOG about seven prestigious Blade Magazine awards.
  • Gloria Frazer, Co-owner and Vice President - Spencer's wife, Gloria focuses on SOG operations. She is the one who keeps our company running so smoothly. She is acutely talented in understanding and applying business applications. Spencer and Gloria's greatest pride are their three children.
  • Scott Sherwood, Vice President of Sales & Marketing - A skilled salesman and businessman, Scott manages SOG's sales force around the world, maintaining and cultivating dealer and distributor relations. Scott spends about half the year on the road attending trade shows and connecting with our sales force.
  • Vicky Karshna, Marketing Director - Vicky is a talented communicator through the venue of the media. She writes and designs all the ads you see in numerous publications (like Blade Magazine). An avid nut of the great outdoors (and sports nut…she puts most male sports nuts to shame!), Vicky is acutely in tune with the practical use of our products and creatively markets SOG's knives and tools in print media.
  • Darren Lemon, Sales Assistant - Supporting Scott and Vicky in the Sales department, he is the frontline contact in dealer relations at SOG. He also designed SOG's current website and has recently been taking photos of SOG's product with our new digital camera. Here's one of his recent photos: SOG's Duo
  • Steve Gustafson & Loretta Rohner, Consumer Services Associates - They are front-line personnel handling the barrage of phone calls from the end consumers. They deal with general product information, warranty issues, and retail sales. Steve specializes in warranty and Loretta's focus is retail sales. Loretta just joined our team a couple weeks ago, replacing Tina (someone many of you have dealt with at SOG).
  • Ron Andersen, Consumer Services & Warranty Manager - This would be me. I manage everything to do with our end consumers (including general product information, warranty issues, and retail sales). I also manage warranty issues with dealers, distributors, and all international customers. My background is in both management and customer care with a passion for pleasing the customer. Beyond these tasks, I work closely with SOG's ownership in an assortment of company administrative tasks and dabble in some personnel issues (beyond managing my own staff, I interview and hire for some other company positions).

Of course, we have scores of other support staff in the office (like the receptionist, accounts payable, accounts receivable, wholesale order entry, general administrative assistants, etc.) and throughout the plant (R&D, shipping, warranty repair, product assembly, etc.). Some of these people are in management and key SOG personnel. My goal was to introduce you to personnel that either lead the company or that you may speak with in contacting with SOG.

As you can see, we have a great team that in the end brings total customer happiness, satisfaction, confidence, and loyalty to SOG's products.
how many people total work at SOG?

one other thing.
i have been wondering how the blades,handles and other parts on production knives are ground out. is there someone there to keep an eye on it,operate the machinery,do they do some by hand?

BTW- thanks fer the hat, its great. :D
Hi Morris,

SOG is a medium sized company and does have a full assortment of personnel. I'm not certain of the exact number we employ in all departments.

Regarding the grinding process on our knives, most are done in factories in Seki, Japan. Those factories are world famous for making some of the finest knives in the world and have been in operation for 800 years (making swords, of course!). Since I've not witnessed the process, this is the best I can do for you. :)

BTW...you're welcome for the hat.
ag russell has some of his knives made in seki city,and i know they are QUALITY.