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The Thin Red Line - Review

Hey Frank,
I just got back from that movie about 30 minutes ago. As you said, it was kind of boring. Some parts were gruesome. It was also a long movie. People did get up and leave but I stuck it out.
Is it anything like Saving Pvt Ryan? What's the story line? We won't get this movie up here in Kodiak for a few months.



FWIW, I just watched a program where the critics said that they wished the director had done half as good a job on the script as he did with the cinematography...

Everything I'm reading though says avoid this movie.


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
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Where were you all when I was deciding which movie to see! I also thought it was long, full of "poetry", and human introspection. Face it, guys, it wasn't a "war" film. My only take away from it was that I am sure I saw a soldier with a Randall #14 on his belt, hanging directly down his butt crack. The model #14 was not made until the early "50's so this was a mistake. It occured just before or just after taking the bunkers. I would like to see if any of you noticed it also. The oval brass guard is quite prominent.