The Trifecta

Sep 1, 2006
One of each; can't decide which I love the most! :D


Great pic of some great looking knives. That middle one sure looks good, I think I'd go with it ;)

if I had to choose, I would thake the one with the point!:eek: .........CONGRATS ...just awesome!:thumbup:

I almost have a similar trio, a horn handled custom shop Public Defender, an old style Howling Rat and a Street Scrapper 4 on the way.
Wow --- you're set for EDC fixed blades :thumbup:

Congrats on some great blades.
That Urban Defender looks VERY NICE!!! :D :thumbup:

I'm glad you're enjoying it!

Great pics of some sweet knives, I love this place.
You have a tough decision to make there.

Thanks guys! Unfortunately the only one with a sheath is the UD. I need to convince my wife to buy some cordura or something and start hacking out a nice ballistic sheath to match the one for my M6. :D

Kudos to you Eric for getting the HRLM out so dang fast to me. I like it a lot; makes a great companion for my M6. I'm glad I stumbled across the HRLMs on your site when I did!

Rat-30, the PD is still a virgin. I love her like a moonstruck schoolboy and have carried her quite a bit but I can't bring myself to use/abuse her. :(

Wash--be sure to try a reverse grip on the SS4--it's a little tight for my ham hands in the regular grip but reversed it's perfect. Looks like I'd have to use the choil 99% of the time in a normal grip.

Now I'm thinking about a "brace" style sheath like the old flintlock pistols used to be carried...but built for 3! :D