The Trip Action Folder by Coldsteel

Oct 16, 1998

A quick Snapshot review by Fred Perrin and Nemo.

Thanks to Cold Steel and Lynn Thomson we have the chance to receive two trip action folder. One Tanto serrated and one dagger plain edge.

The Blade are made of AUS10A, the handles is in Aircraft Aluminium .

The System of closing, locking and opening seems weird at first glance but we have been realized knives with the similar system.
It's reliable.

The TAF look big when closed but when you have it your hand it just a question of vision. The blade is an hair less than 4 inches.

The handles are beautiful with decorations and checkering grooves and a clip. All that in conjunction assure a really good grip.
There is a lanyar hold and all his hexagonal screw assembled.

When closed it's easy to carry and forget it. I carry it inside the pant in front of my hip.
Now the clip is bright and the handle are shiny, so it's easy to spot.

The Celtic pattern on the Dagger handle and the Bamboo on the Tanto are really beautiful.

You can use the closed knife as Yawara. You can realize a lot of soft defenses and keys. The fact to use a closed knife in defense is real plus. It's what I really enjoy with the balisong. You can strike with the closed knife and then open it to calm the game or to continue depper in the problems…

It's a light knife and really easy to carry.

When you grasp your knife immediatly it's ready to be open but not for the lefties.

You can open it in many ways.
My favorite game is to open with gravity. You can then open it as quick as balisong !
As quick as an automatic (even faster !)

In Icepick grip it's hard to open. But Lynn doesn't like so much that grip…
And once open you can reverse your grip anyway…

The Tanto Serrated blade… We are not a fanatic of Tanto and we found it really beautiful !
We are not also a serration fan but this time, the blade edge is really excellent.
It works really good !

Big advantage, the folder cannot close on your fingure. It is strong construction and once open it feels like a fixed blade…. Very very close to the good balisong feeling.

The Dagger Blade is double edge. This is really rare unless it's a balisong or AF folder.
Unless a loooot of other companies, ColdSteel makes really sharp daggers.
The TAF Dagger is real sharp Weapon.
This one is really a weapon not a utility knife. A very aggressive knife. Cops will not understand.
It's strong and mean !

I really love that TAF Dagger. It's so rare to find a real folding and reliable weapon.

These knives like the Balisong need some technics to be open. You don't push a button… you need to learn how to open it. But your gain is a fast folder with real safe lock. I don't see how to make it fail.

We would like a smaller version and also another utility blade.

Almost a balisong !


Fred Perrin and Nemo
Cold Steel is a California company, so let's hope that they are ready to commit resources to legal fees and/or lobbying, because a folder that opens one-handed "almost like a balisong" and which does not rely on a thumb stud would be subject to the same logic that got the CA courts to rule that a balisong is a wicked gravity knife under Section 653K of the CA Penal Code.

The fact that the knife is designed and marketed as an edged weapon will encourage authority figures to make an issue of it, and Cold Steel is not an outfit known for "discretion" or "low profile."

As part of a planned expansion of my CA knife law pages, I downloaded from another service a bunch of CA appellate cases on knives. Here's the one that concerns butterfly knives, with the highlights from my search command still in place:

Hmmm... if it's a weapon, then why does it have a slippery, guardless metal handle that's of larger diameter than the blade?

Also, I haven't seen much mention in reviews of the way the point can drag along the opening part of the handle, or ram right into it if the two are being opened or closed quickly. Bet that wouldn't do it much good, eh?

I thought these knives looked kinda nifty... until I saw that they wanted $150 instead of $25. Just my opinion, but I think they're a gimmick at best, an accident waiting to happen at worst.


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This is the 3rd string in a row where I've agreed with Corduroy. Getting a little creepy

Don't even get me started with this knife. AUS10? Folding aluminum handle? $150!!!! Why don't they just make the Voyager LT with G-10 instead of Zytel and be done with it.

To cops this knife is nothing more than a new-style Balisong, which are still illegal in CA.


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To open it one hand,
You need to learn the trick...and it's harder than to pouch an HALO button and much more solid !!!

Of course, COldsteelknives like the Vaquero Grande is not a gravity knife !

You should handle the knife before to judge it so lightly.
The TAF is a serious tool.
Obviously for not all hands...
But serious.

But sometime we feel really lucky to live far from "your" California's dreams ...


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When I checked this knife out recently I thought it was kind of fun and it would be cool to play with and get good at opening one handed. Then I saw the price tag. I quickly set it down and walked away. It wasn't THAT cool.


Mike Melone
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I have this knife and I don't like it all that much. At first I thought that it would be really useful for me but I haven't used it since I got it. I did a pretty thorough review on it about a month ago. The $150 price tag is half of that on the net. The lock up with this knife is solid and I considered it very slow opening until I stripped the pivot screw (by accident) and it now opens like a balisong and really doesn't affect the lock up at all. My gut reaction is that I am just not impressed with this knife. The AUS10 not withstanding, the blade looks just like a large Voyager (I have the tanto). The handle designs are OK and if you're looking to carry a knife that doesn't really look like a knife than I guess I understand the handle.

The knife just sits in my drawer until CS customer service gets some pivot screws and I can fix it even though the knife is still workable.

If you got $75 to burn, I would look at something else.

Anyone want a new TAF with a stripped pivot screw for $50? The knife works fine, but it's not for me.



I will really need to do a film about the technic to open the TAF...

Then you will understand the beauty of the concept !

It's not the opening that concerns me. It's the idea that once I have it open there's nothing to stop my hand from slipping neatly onto that (perhaps double-edged) blade if I thrust into anything of moderate resistance.

I have to agree with Drew.
When I handled this knife, it's shortcomings far outweighed any advantages it held over other knive's in this price range, including Balisongs. Not that price is that big of an issue, it is just a bad idea and a bad design IMO.
Of course, that is just my opinion and others like Nemo and Fred Perrin are far more qualified than I to judge a knife's tactical capabilities.
I was just really underwhelmed with the concept.
I do wish, however, that Cold Steel would start using AUS10A on their other knives as this looks like a steel with some good potential, I think even Lynn Thompson said as much.

If it's stupid but works, then it isn't stupid.

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I want to know your opening tricks. I have heard you talk about different ways to open.
I have one and want your advice...

Drac Noroc

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I will film it in slow motion friday and then edit it in animated Gif.

I got no fear to have my hand slip because the but of the handle is resting in my hand palm when I thrust and also there is a lot of grooves and the clip on the handle to prevent slippery. IMHO the price to have a folding double edge weapon worse that !