The very best advertisement ever made

I'm sure it's fast, but the S2000 is a prettier car.

Yes it is a good car, but as soon as they rally race it ill trade in my STi for it. And yes i do rally:D
I'm an Acura guy, but I can't say I've driven an NSX.

My favorite ad was years ago from some airline. The whole point of the ad was that their planes didn't have a separate first class and business class. It went something like this: the guy walks onto the plane, and walks by the guy reclining on a throne, being fed grapes by a bevy of beauties while being fanned by an attendant. He was thinking, wow, this looks pretty good! Then he turns around and is ushered through the curtain. On the other side, there were chickens running around, filthy people sitting in the dark on a dirt floor starving, sunken eyes, tumbleweeds, etc. The look on his face was priceless. For some reason, that ad has always stuck out as my all time favorite.
Like the tech behind the car. Less HP than most "supercars" but light and high reving.

Here's the deal...

The body shape is old and unchanged for a loooong time. It's time to revamp the exterior and give it the standard Japanese upgrade in HP and torque of about 20-40 each.
I'm an Acura guy...
The only Acura that appeals to me is the G35 Coupe. Too bad they don't offer it in a covertible. Even given that handicap, it's still a better-looking car than the NSX.