The wait list

Oct 23, 2006
If you don't see your order here and it's supposed to be give me a holler.
**If your name has a *no contact* beside it it means I sent you an email on confirmation of your order but never heard back from you. Give me a holler if you want to stay on the list, otherwise I will assume you don't want it when your time comes.***
We'll get it straightened out.
Order #/knife/name

164-26-gary p (at the plate)
518-20-derrick p (at the plate) back out bump up
182-16-ross d(on deck)
183-26-brian e(on deck)
184-26-jay l(on deck)
185-18-rob k(on deck)
186-26-paul s
187-19-james p
188-26-jason g
189-21-jake m
192-26-blake g

194-19-kevin c

196-19-paul w
198-26-william g
199-21w-greg m
201-19-clint t
202-26-mike r

205-26-sean d
206-26-james l

208-20-stephen g
209-26-guy w
210-22-guy w
211-26-heath o

214-m22-david b

219-16-jared w
221-26-tom r
222-24-kerri m
223-28-heath o
224-19-chris c
225-24-chris c
226-04-+fp-sean a
227-19-dan c
228-22-scott l
230-27+fp-jason b

233-?-larry w
234-1926-adam w

238-22/1-jay l
239-20-allen j

246-26-garrett h
247-19-steve r
249-27-brad f
250-26-dan k
251-17-chris b
252-19-frank m
256-18-ross d
257-??-bryan w
258-26-terry s
259-20-jay l
261-06-neal k

263-special-jim d

265-26-derrick p

267-19-Victor c
268-17-jack m
269-19-ken d
270-16-paul s
271-21-peter l
272-??-kenny l
273-20-joel p

275-26-scott m
276-26-kevin t
277-20-johnny d
280-22/2-marshall w

283-19-curtiss c
286-26- beth s
287-??- brad f
288-1906-kerri m
289-19-chad g

291-20-mike m
292-24-tony d

294-19-brian p


299-19-simon d

302-26-Jay h

305-27-jake w.
306-26-enrique l
307-27-enrique l
309-22/1-Eric A
310-26-Kristian e
311-19-erich m
312-26-erich m
316-26-mike k.
317-20- mike k.
319-13-kerri m.
320-26-dave b
321-30-kevin c
322-30-kevin c
323-19-david m

326-22/2-david m

329-16ht-tyler s
331-26c-matt f

333-26-norman r
334-1926c-clint t
335-1926c-clint t
336-18-josh b

338-26-steve m
339-19-steve m
340-26-joseph l
341-27-k nguyen

344-08-glenn g
345-27-theron m
346-26-theron m
347-20-theron m
348-27-Jay l
349-05-Jay l
350-26-david h
351-26-martin o

356-30-joseph l
357-15-mike n
358-04-frank mp
359-05-frank mp
360-27-frank mp

362-20-eric w
363-?-Collin a
364-?-Collin a
365-19-Mark h
366-25-ross d
368-19-matt h
369-26-jim c

371-30-joe k

374-26-Chris n
375-20-Chris w

377-30-Chris n
379-19-rouzbeh v
380-19-steve e
381-1220-ty s
382-26c-jordan c
383-19-jordan c
384-32-jon l
385-26-chris k
386-??-joseph l
387-??-joseph l
388-19-john n
389-26-tony h

391-15-brian w
392-22/2-brian w

394-26-geoff w

396-20-jt c
397-26-bil m
398-30-john n
399-25-Israel w
400-26- Israel w
401-26- Israel w
402-26- Israel w

405-custom-Jim g

408-22/1-dustin d
409-04-jason r
410-26-tre j

412-1926c-ron r

414-27-tyler s
415-20-tom de

418-19-brek s
419-20-mark w
420-24-mark w
421-26-mark w
422-2d-chris n
423-30-mark w
424-26-tom s
425-24-ken t
428-??-blake g
430-17-ken t
431-17-ken t
432-24-ken t
433-??-jay l
434-05-tre j
435-30-john d
436-21c-jeremy o
437-08-robert w
438-19-derrick p
439-26-John w
440-26-mark w
441-19-mark w
443-??-jake w.
444-30-kevin t
445-04-david s
446-??-pete c
447-16-matt s
448-??-matt s
449-??-matt s

451-1971-eric k
452-17-Ryan m
453-19-wayne w
455-24-jon t
456-20-paul c
457-19-ian b
460-30-tre j
461-16-jason r
462-19-jason r
463-20-dena k
465-09-eric w
466-??-Kenny l
467-16-Terry s
468-18-Terry s
469-19-Terry s
470-26-Steve d
473-31-constantin c
474-22/1-les k
475-??-clint t
476-??-clint t
477-??-clint t
478-26-dana c
479-30-martin o
481-26-doug k
482-20-jason b
483-19-gaston f
484-??-eric a

486-26-shone d
487-27-shone d
491-??-doug l
488-22/1-sam d
489-26-craig c
492-??-ryan r
493-19-tony g
494-??-Terry s
495-??-Terry s
496-17-Jaron g
497-13-betty k
498-13-betty k
499-13-betty k
500-13-betty k
501-13-betty k
502-13-betty k
503-24-rafael z
504-19-j.w. b
505-18-doug f
506-?-joel p
507-?-joel p
508-26-Tim g
509-02-wayne b
510-24-eric k
511-15-eric k
512-25-gayle l
513-??-jim g
514-??-clint t
515-??clint t
516-1917-tre j
517-??-terry s

519-22/2-jamie b
520-26-jamie b
521-24-mark w
522-26-caleb h
523-26-michael g
524-??-Kevin c
525-??-Kevin c
526-??-brian c
527-20-Chris s
528-26-julio u
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May 24, 2010
170 0n the list aint bad.I'm anxiously and patiently waiting..........Is that possible?AH..anyway thanks for posting the list Brother hope all is well.


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Aug 18, 2009
Geez Iz,

I was trying to trick myself into forgetting about this knife then one day I would be pleasantly surprised. Now I'm going to be checking the waitlist every week. Seriously, though, thanks for the information.