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Jan 27, 1999
After reading all the posts on the other thread I gotta get this off my chest....
I have never made a knife in my life.... The Swenson kids down the street do all the work in my shop...I just sit around and smoke cigars and whip them if they arent working hard enough.... I pay them both $5 a hour and let them take saturdays off.... wow... I sure feel a lot better now!! :)
Anyone out there have any watches to trade?? :p

Why do you let them have Saturdays off - if it was only every other you could increase production? :eek: Also $5 per hour seems kind of high - do you charge them for water? :eek:


Ed :D
Well, the ugly rumor is now confirmed. :)

Tom runs a sweat shop:

He does all the real work, drills all them holes, grinds them blades, and makes everything whole. He just pays the kids to hang around and tell him how great he is...

Para, amused as always ;)
Originally posted by R.W.Clark
You pay by the hour? I could have sworn you paid them per hole :D.

No way man - labor costs would go through the roof! :p
Hey, it's true!! He showed me some Polaroids of his indentured serv...I mean "hired" help, at the Blade Show!:eek:

Ah man....I thought we were finally gonna learn the truth about the HOLES.....;)

I heard a rumor the other day that Tom doesn't even use real talonite on his knives. Someone told me that all those watches that he hourds up get melted down and he makes the steel from them. I hear he is now looking for a titanium cased watch. I guess he wants to melt that down and drill some holes in it ;)

Seriously though Tom, those kids did a great job on the hawkbill proto :D
Uh Oh. I am planning to visit Tom at his shop in a couple of weeks and I just got a brand new Omega Seamaster Professional in Titanium. Got it to match my TNT but I don't think I want it to match so much that he gets to drill holes in it! ;)


DO NOT wear your Omega Seamaster when you visit Tom's shop!!

Did I tell you I LOVE Titanium Watches??!!
Hope it comes off easy....... :)
If not I have a place to hide your body!! :p
I hope the boys do their OWN heat treating:rolleyes::D:D

[before it's posted, I know, you don't have to heat treat Talonite:rolleyes:]

I think you're right. Judging from that last Mayo post I guess I will have to pack my old beat up G-Shock for my trip to Hawaii. :)