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The WM from Fallkniven

Oct 16, 1998

We are now testing the new WM from the Fallkniven COmpany in Sweden.

It's a 3 inches drop point little VG-10 fixed blade with Moran edge in a beautiful leather sheath.

Soon we will review it.

Thanks for the heads up JM. Looking forward to reading your and Fred's review. This looks to be a real good utilty fixed blade.

Dexter Ewing
Knife Reviews Moderator
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"I was lined up for glory, but the tickets sold out in advance"

Thank you Dexter,

In fact Fred is now working for a new Security Magazine and I have been working a lot on my side.

Fred Perrin also is designing a Kydex sheath for the WM and send his prototype to Sweden in August.

This knife is a very sharp alternative for fixed blade lovers !

I really like mine.


Hey Nemo,

You and Fred do a bang up job on your reviews and I always look forward to the results of your wild tests and humorous anecdotes. Looking forward to the new test on the WM. Honestly, Kydex is shaping up (no pun intended) to be such a fine sheath making material, many manufacturers(Fallkniven)included, should look into offering it on all their blades. Fallkniven in particular, since their line is Military oriented, and Kydex's many advantages in carry options and durability should prove beneficial. Good Luck to you and Fred and keep those reviews coming. Don't miss Cliff Stamp's excellent and tough review of the A1 on this Forum.

Oh, www.fredperrin.com Monsieur Perrin's 'website isn't coming up anymore, for me at least. I'd like to take a peek at Fred's LaGriffe's.

Stay safe and all the best, Phil <------<
I think <a href = "http://www.fredperrin.net">www.fredperrin.net</a> is what works now. Last time I looked there were no new reviews, but maybe there are now...the one reason I could see Fallkniven not adopting Kydex for its sheaths is the fact that many people report failure of the material in very cold weather.

My Custom Kydex Sheath pagehttp://www.geocities.com/CollegePark/Lab/1298/knifehome.html
Palmer College of Chiropractic
On Two Wheels

Thank you for the nice post !

In fact we got material to put on the net.

Our last stories will be on Comtech site histed by James Keating.

it's a long catalog of Balisongs...with a lot of anecdotes.

The Chris Reeve Portrait is ready, we are waiting for Joe Suzuki to be back from vacation to correct all our faults.

Anywway the WM is a really nice little fixed blade. We have been waiting for its release since Peter (his father) told us he was designing a small fixed blade last Christmas.

We have the chance to see a Prototype in Germany four monthes ago.

The more I use that little WM, the more I enjoy it's edge holding and the ease to resharp it.
It's a convex grind but I can refresh its edge with a little gatco triseps with ease.

Peter told us to resharp it hand free to keep the convex edge.

The first time we have tried the F1 we dreamed about a F1 baby but the WM thanks to its excellent ergonomy is much than that.
It's really a daily companion and a very very strong alternative to the tactical folder mania...



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Nemo and Chiro,

Thanks for the updates on info. Although I too have read scattered reports of Kydex's reported failure in cold climes, Kydex offers so many advantages in carry options,resistance to rot and moisture and overall durability(severe cold?), that more research would be interesting in quantifying exactly what thicknesses of Kydex failed at what temps,under what conditions etc, or if there are any comparable thermoplastics proof against severe cold. I have read that the aircrew model F1 by Fallkniven as issued to Swedish Pilots is carried in a plastic(I am unaware of the type) rig for a thigh pocket on the flight suit. I havent confirmed this,but close proximity to a warm thigh might serve to moderate plastic failure in an emergency bail out. Any mechanical engineers out there(Cobalt,RJ Martin) that can comment on cold weather versus Kydex? Heading over to Kleerdex for info. If memory serves me, I believe Rob Simonich had some difficulty with Kydex and cold weather failure in the brutal Montana winter. Later guys, and thanks.

Stay safe and all the best, Phil <------<