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The Wonderful World Of Sam Lurquin

Sam is killing it big time! The detail on that one black hamon is nuts, probably the best I've seen from him so far in terms of definition.
What a pleasure! Really enjoy Sam's work. Thank you Joe. Mike

By the way, it looks like that measuring tape is a bit off - those inches look way too close together! 😜
He has great eye for design. He's working on one for me now actually....:cool:
That little stag knife is all kinds of right for my tastes. I love the carving on the that little integral.

Love this one:

Sam's work is inspiring. As is his work ethic. Thanks for sharing his latest, Joe. Love Sam's creations. :thumbup:

- Joe
Joe thanks for sharing those. Absolutely awesome work from Sam.

I was also delighted to see your fabulous Bowie in Knives '17. Congrats to you both!:)
Crom! Not mine or my picture, but I will soon have it's brother. : )