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The last episode of the A-Team aired.
Without Reservations(3/8/1987) :)

Thanks BG.
When Peter the Great travelled Europe incognito, he was so impressed with Dutch shipbuilding that he adopted the Dutch flag as the flag of Russia, changing the order of the colors from red, white, blue, to white blue red.

Guess: 91
I borrow this from Don Rearic: "On November 12, 1945, Life Magazine ran an unusual story. It was a photographic study of an FBI Agent named Jelly Bryce drawing and firing his .357 Magnum in two-fifths of a second, faster than the human eye can follow…" an interesting person whose reflex and accuracy is simply 'inhuman'

go to for further reading, under Two Deadly Men article

My number is 357.
Johnny Carson went to high school right here in small time Nebraska!;) My number is 999. thanks for the contest. dtsoll
The Lewis and Clark expedition lived off of the land to a large degree, they also carried some serious edible provisions. Their stories included 600 pounds of grease, 50 kegs of pork, 193 pounds of bullion, 7 barrels of salt,30 gallons of wine and nearly 4000 pounds of flour and I bet there cholesterol was still lower than mine:)

I pick #338
Pizza-one of the major food groups- as Americans know it today, was invented in New York City. 791

First Crosman airgun .22 Rifle 1922, first pistol: Model 105 Pneumatic pump, .177 cal., single shot 1947-1953. Best selling airfirle in the world Crosman model 760 Pump Master, most sold airpistol in the world Marksman 2002.

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Thanks guys for trying, allot of cool reading and good humor:) The WINNER IS Jazzman guessing 107, My number was 108 Thanks all and Jazzman please e-mail me your address so I can get this out to you.
All apple trees in the United States, or in the world for that matter, are descended from apple trees growing naturally on a slope in a valley in Kazakhstan.

My number is 564.
I guess the BadGuy isn't really so bad after all. :)

Thanks for the contest, and especially for this thread. It was a lot of fun. Final historical note: on this day in 2003, Jazzman won a great knife.

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Historical Fact:
During WW2 the Japanese did manage to bomb the U.S. mainland using balloons to deliver the weapons. A few made it to the pacific northwest with one actually causing a small number of fatalities.

My number is 530.

DOH! I just saw that the contest is over. Oh well.
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There is ample evidence of successful brain surgeries dating back to the Neolithic period (late Stone Age).

I would substitute the term "non-fatal" for successful. :D

--Bob Q
I'd like to thank Bad Guy for throwing yet another awesome contest! Your generosity is unmatched! Know that this knife will be put to good use!
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