These boots are made for walkin’…

These are my favorite everyday work boot. Had to finally retire them.
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My Chippewa logger boots. Few years old but with little use. Hiking with the pup and the bottom let go completely !?!?!!! Good thing I have multiple pairs of boots lol. Now the search for new boots 👍🤔😁
If ya like that stye of boot, look at Whites or Nicks. More $, but guarantee ya that won't happen. I often wear a pair when doing fencing projects on the ranch or in the shop.
Did our winter works over the weekend. A few pics of knives and boots:

The wife up on the catwalk pushing some cattle to the chute:


Later while branding this bull calf needed turning into a steer calf:



I was gimpy over the weekend so was just taking pics. "No, not your momma!"

Love me some well worn leather that I can clean back up, while leaving all the personality, from all the adventures (and sometimes dog poop 💩 😅, I'm like a magnet to the stuff--yes, the poop gets fully cleaned off) with my family and dogs! Oh, the places and things they've seen.

A pair of Ariat, throw-on-and-go, boots & some shipboard Belleville's that aren't seaworthy anymore. The Belleville's still like a good 'ol spit shine, and may get the spa treatment again soon!20231126_061106.jpg20231126_061203.jpg20231126_061317.jpg20231126_061505.jpg20231126_061557.jpg20231126_061636.jpg

Nice thread, Coleman! I've enjoyed the pics so far.

Thanks M Murphjd25 and AntDog AntDog for reviving!
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Wish I still had this pair of Twisted X boots. I wore em to pieces.


Got these guys these days. Same brand but completely different boot. Never have liked em much:


How sharp are your eyes? Same spurs but I changed rowels. The horse I was riding at the time needed a lil more poke.


Guy I'm riding now could go back to the first rowel but these spurs don't fit him, so I haven't changed the rowels back