They're Here!!!

Jul 25, 2000
:eek:My BM 43 and BM 47A arrived today!!!:eek:

Here's the 47A:)...

the 43:)...

their tang stamps;)...

and a picture with of the 42, 47A, & the 43:cool:...
:( No, they are not numbered. If they were though I wouldn't be manipulating them though.;)
Dang!!! i wish I had put mine on next day. I cant wait to get mine. Hows the tanto??

Ya gotta love that bowie. And, the Tanto ain't bad either.

I can't put the bowie down, though. I've got mine right here right now.
They flip just like Gollnick said they would. The tanto is a little top heavy but its my favorite, I love tantos. The bowie does move a little faster than the weehawk and the tanto, it is so perfectly balanced. The tanto is going to become my every day carry.:)
Imagine the looks I'll get with the tanto or the bowie as my EDC. Some how the weehawk doesn't look as menacing.
Ah well, now you see why BM makes both.

BTW, the Tanto looks great. I love that drop point inspired by the last edition customs by Elishiwitz. Maybe part of my feeling is just repressed jealousy that this great version of the Tanto is now available to the masses.

I like the bowie.
Very nice pictures ChungSan

I can't wait for mine to arrive! I had pre-ordered my 43 and 47 because I could not wait to get them, but due to a mix up, they are not shipping until today! I asked for Next Day Delivery, but they have to make a stop on the way. I really hope they get here on Saturday. I am very excited to flip the new ones!
We are like minded on blade choice Chuck. I think I might add a 47, but only because I'm a bit of a fanatical fool, not because I really like it. Still, there are more then a few others above it on the list.