They're on Their Way! ( Impulse, Magna)

Feb 22, 1999
Our manufacturing facility has just made the first shipment of the Black Teflon coated Impulse in both plain and serrated edge as well as the aluminum handle Magna in plain and serrated edge.

These will arrive at our offices early next week by air freight. We will then QC and package them for immediate distribution.

The bead blast finish Impulse with dark grey Teflon coated handle is scheduled to arrive within two more weeks and the Zytel Magna will be ready in September.

We appreciate your interest in these new models as well as your patience in waiting for them to arrive.

Wishing the best.

Outdoor Edge Cutlery Corp.

David Bloch,

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Great news,

I've got one of each on order with AG Russel. Can't wait to for UPS to arrive. Thanks for the update