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Things at the Las Vegas Show


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Dec 23, 1998
Well, I spent half the day at the Las Vegas show walking and talking to many knife makers.

There was some really impressive folders there, like some of the new crawford rolling lock folders, really nice, hefty looking. Also talked with Ken Onion about the Random Task, and he stated that he was also dissapointed with the initial product. The new ones will open like his custom version and will have the thumb stud a little further away from the micarta handles. I also handled his custom version and liked it. Les Robertson had a large selection of nice knives on his table including the Awesome Hawg knives. Those Hawg knives are some of the slickest opening folders out there. Well, just thought I would pass on what I found out about the Onion random tast is all.
Hey Cobalt did you buy anything?
cause I know you didn't go to a show and not but something.

-Greg Johnson

Greg, Ive spent close to $2,500 on knives last month and was up to my quota for the next couple of months and was there only to browse, but If I would have seen something I liked, I would have bought it. Actually , I did buy some micarta scales for one knife that is being made for me and set a deal with another knife maker to make me a stellite fixed blade. He is 6 months backed up so, it will wait some time. So , I gues in a roundabout way I did walk out with some more future knives. If there would have been something in 420V, I might have considered it.