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Think Twice / Buy Once

The more I learned about utility folders, the more convinced I became that a Sebenza was the ultimate everyday carry knife for me. Might as well bite the bullet, get it over with, no regrets. I'd carried a GT button lock, about the same blade size as a Large Sebenza, until it developed the annoying habit of escaping to the pavement by burrowing through my pants pockets. It doesn't have a pocket clip, and the handle is uncomfortable.

Lets give this some thought. Ambitextrous thumb studs make a lot of sense. Now I'm facing a four to six month wait for a special order, and the price is up to $376.50. Really, a Small Sebenza is more practical for everyday carry in my environment. Sebenzanistas have commented that the Large can be a little too big for pocket carry. My experience with the GT has been that it attracted more attention than I wanted, so I tended to avoid using it around "sheeple". A Small Sebenza would be more acceptable, thus more practical, and it's $40 less expensive.

Damn, that's a lot of money for a small knife. For that much I could buy a Benchmade 705, a Sharpmaker, all the Sentry Solutions stuff, and a Microtech SOCOM M/A. The 705 is functionally identical to the Small Sebenza, and I'm really jonesing for a SOCOM.

Here I sit happily flicking the blade of my homely peanut of a 705. I look over at the SOCOM and unconsciously make those Tim Allen grunting noises. All my knives are sharp, lubricated, and rust proofed. Where did I go wrong?

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I sit here at the computer typing and looking at my large Sebenza. The large Sebenza is not all that large. A 3.5 inch blade and a 4 inch hanndle are not as large as a lot of folders out there. The Sebenza is thin but still plenty strong with 1/8" thick titanium slabs. Mine is a bit thicker due to the wood inlays! Once you handle one and flick the blade a few times and cut with it you'll wonder how you ever got along without it! This is an expensive knife but worth every penny. This is a knife you can hand down to your son and so on. The blade is a utility shape and not as threatning as many I've seen. Unless you just want the ambi studs you will not miss them. You can always send it back to be retrofitted later.
I do not regret the money I spent on this knife. It is a beautiful piece and an everyday user to boot. Chris Reeve Knives will let you send it back for refinishing at a very low cost, $7.00 I think.
Just wanted to jump in and give you my $.02 worth. MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and yours!!

Art Sigmon
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Think Twice / Buy Once and again and again and again.....better Think Again

It is habit forming and you might better not buy one as they seem to get lonely and require another for company...I know, as it has happened to me. I sit and open and close a lot of knives, a lot, and the Sebenza is ground with an edge that is very agressive and bites deeply, easily in fact. I could get a job at a confetti factory with all the paper I've sliced! and stacks of leather cut through!

Do what you must, I agree the small would be more socially accepted...

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If keep your eyes open you can occasionally find used plain sebenza's forsale at $220 - $225.

I've picked up two that way, and it takes quite a bit of the price sting out.

I carried a BM 730 in my pocket for about 4 months until I fell in love with Sebenza's. From that time on.. it's been a large every day.... very close size... 100% more quality.

It's interesting to reflect on the decision process, and it's fun to put into perspective the relative cost of Sebenzas. A Chris Reeve knife is definitely in my future, but a Mountaineer II is more likely than a folder.

Besides, a Mission MPF A2 clip point is just badder than a Large Sebenza.

Bemused, wary, intrigued
I think the phrase should be......once bitten dont think any more......just buy what you like!!!!!!! Sebenzas are very durable.....getting a used one is a great way to go. they are virtually indestructible....great design and VERY simple......!!

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When you GOTTA get a 'benza[and EVERYBODY should, they are great], get the small one, because its the 'right' size to carry and use ALOT, so you get to enjoy it more often.

At least thats the reason I bought mine

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Will Fennell
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Think NOT, and buy with your HEART...

It's Christmas... Play Santa to yourself!!!

I've got 3 Sebenzas and 4 CRK fixed blades. I will never have to think about buying a CRK knife again...


PS: I also have a Talonite Boot Knife by Tom Mayo (see above post) ...that came scary sharp and still is... and I don't have to think twice about his knives either!! A TNT is in my future... It's like a Sebenza, but is a true custom... in Talonite, no less... with lots of holes in it!!!!! [

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