Thinking about starting a knife mag stuffed with fluff.


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Apr 6, 1999
Oh yeah, everybody else already does that. Back to the drawing board; did enjoy Blade's Will Fennel article this go round, however. Almost made up for the "Truck Knives" article that featured two discontinued models. Need more sleep.
I myself wouldn't mind seeing a knife mag that regularly features articles by testers/users such as Joe Talmadge, Cliff Stamp, Snickersee, and several others on these forums. Of course, that would be hard to do, I think. I Emailed Joe a while back asking about the possibility of his penning a book relating to knives, but it doesn't seem likely very soon. Let's all hope!
James -- you want a book by Joe Talmadge? He's already written one. Check out the knife FAQs at (although you probably already have).

Forums and FAQs and other online writings are the only knife magazine I need. The FAQs and most of the writings are well thought out articles and the forums are up-to-date commentary and advertising of a far more balanced kind than one could ever find in any magazine.
Any magazine? Nawwwwwwwww.....

Our new on-line magazine will be fair and it will report "The Good, The Bad and THE Ugly".

The first issue should be in late August for a September release date. We will test a few issues to see if it is a worthwhile venture.

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Mike Turber
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Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

All of these ideas sound great to me guys. Mike, that's the best news I've heard yet in terms of fair knife reports. Forgive my cynicism in the post above, but that was the result of setting aside time at last to read my new issue of Blade yesterday and being disappointed like never before. Thanks fellows, and I hope I'm not being unfair to the mags out there. It's just that the three I receive have a ways to go in the fair evaluation department.
I guess I'm mostly reading Blade (and other) magazine for education...some informative articles on construction and steel types.

I agree that most magazines are compromised to some degree by their reliance on advertising, and really appreciate the online reviews at BF. The only drawback to those reviews and FAQs is a frequent lack of visuals (diagrams or pictures).

Talking about knife anatomy and describing blade geometry is fine for those accustomed to the language, but daunting for newcomers (the reason for FAQs in the first place).
Mike, is the first issue still going to be free to see what the response is like? If its not let me know where to send the subscription fee to and how much you settled on it being.

Hey Professeor,

Why go to the trouble of publishing a magazine? In this forum, all you have to do is ask for money and most people will gladly fork it over.

A "Gun Tests"-like magazine has always been a much-needed addition to the literature. Or virtual literature. Hoping the online magazine does well!

And thanks for the kind words about the FAQs!


Yes the first issue will be FREE! And the first test will be the Cold Steel Trailmaster -vs- Busse Basic #9!

Also featured articles on my mind right now will be.
Speed Tech's Synergy.
Internet Dealers and how the industry perceives them.
Taiwan - Friend or Foe?
What's New! (And I mean really new)

And a few other features..... Plus the regular columns I mentioned in an earlier thread.

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Mike Turber
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Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!