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Thinking abt. Buying an AFCK

Apr 28, 2000
Hi im new to the boards and was wondering if i could get anyones opinion on the BM800 w/m2 steel Im looking for a relitivly tough knife i can trust, so how abt.the AFCK pro/con? id like to hear from any owners pluss or minuses thanks for the info guys

Don't think about it, do it man! I have 3, 2 in ATS-34 and 1 in M2. They are the perfect knives for all around use.

Now go out and get one!!!

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I have a plain-edge mini-AFCK (812) in M2 that I've carried more or less daily for the last two years. I like it very much, and would buy another if I lost it. One little caveat-the handle slabs will flex slightly from time to time, which can cause the blade to rub on the frame and get slightly scratched. Mine has other scratches from use, so to me it's a non-issue.
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The AFCK is indeed a classic, well respected deign. M-2 steel is supposed to be really tough.

As much as I think the M-2 AFCK would be a tough knife, I would take a look at the M-2 axis lock (710HS). M-2 coupled with an axis lock makes this knife ultra tough and reliable.

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The AFCK is a very comfortable knife to use; great overall shape and size. I have an M2 AFCK (full size) ComboEdge, LNIB that I am selling only because I have too many folders and don't want drawer residents.

The AFCK was one of two I had, a user and a carry piece. M2 takes and hlds a great edge but is a carbon steel, so take care of it. I have two Benzas and other stuff I carry and just picked up a tac folder I've been wanting so a couple of things have to go. If you are interested, email me. The AFCK is a very comfortable design and good value for the money.
If you want a real nice AFCK my friend owns a knife shop and he has one of those aluminum handeled, green anodized knife of the month AFCKs. I must admit it is very nice. I would purchase it myself but I've had to streamline my collection and I promised myself not to veer off the beaten path. We will see how long this will last.

Anyway, his phone number is Trapper John Knives 520-417-0247
I traded my "mini" AFCK (yeah that's a joke) just recently. It was a tough knife, in ATS-34 steel. I never experienced any corrosion problems with it. What I didn't like about it (other than being too big) was that the blade was entirely too thick. My Spyderco Delica would cut circles around it.

I love the way my AFCK feels, but hate the way it has worn. The coated blade now looks horrible; were I to buy another I wouldn't choose that option. The blade also rattles in every direction now, but I've used it hard enough that I can't really complain.
As others have said, the AFCK is a classic. I own the model in M2 steel, and its a good knife. All afcks will rub the liner, this is just a minor flaw in the design and is also easily corrected. The M3 imo is a great improvement over the ATS, the only downside is that you can only get em in that ugly black stuff
I dont care for coatings, I take good care of my stuff.
Just bought a full sized m2 plain edge almost a month ago and love it. Its now the daily carry. Easy to clean too!
I love the AFCK. It hasn't been in production for getting on five years now for no reason. A lot of people love the AFCK. The street price on these things, in the $80 range, just can't be beat for the knife you get. I am rarely without one.

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Get it. I have a full size and mini and love them both. The AFCK is one of the best all-around knives ever made.

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Yes! Great knife. Best handles of any production folder IMO. Mine was carried daily, and used heavily for over three years, and is still going strong.
You won't beat it for the money.

I have an 800FSBT in ATS-34. At first I was unhappy about the fact that I had taken the AFCK over the Spderco Military, but the Benchmade has really grown on me.

I chose the full size cause the finger hole on the minis is too small for me to get a grip every time.

The only thing I don't like is the BT2 coating. It does tend to scratch a bit. Not to worry though, there's a Nimravus coming way soon with a BT2 coating as well....
It is my every day carry.

Mine is the Combo edge 800 is M2


1. The blade comes off center once a week
2. As a result the blade scrapes the liner.
3 Attempts to fix this. by myself and BM did not fix the problem
4 It has a combo edge! My fault!
Other than that, this knife ROCKS!!!

Strong, swift and fits my hand great.

M2 is a fantastic steel! I LOVE it!

Buy the 710 in M2 it is a far better knife IMHO. Got one of those as well...


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I wanted to really like this knife. I have the large combo. The design is good, but mine just doesn't cut well. The lock is not that good either. My scales fell off, but were replaced free of charge. I'm now indifferent to it, but still use it -sometimes.

I think I will go for an axis lock next.

PS: The blade is ATS 34.

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I have an AFCK with M2 plain edge.
Scratches don't bother me in the slightest. It is one of the most comfortable knives I've ever held. M2 is a great steel and where I live (Southern California) there is no rusting problem to speak of. Liner lock on mine is quite adequate; I've never had any problems with it. 710 with M2 may have a better lock, but the recurved blade is a little harder to sharpen. For the money, AFCK is hard to beat.

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WOW i leave the board for a day and get exactly what i asked for thanks 4 all the great and not so great info abt the AFCK im actuallt thinking im going with the BM710 in m2 it seems to get nothing but compliments and after a little background reading i think its the way to go in fact i think im going to place that order take it easy guys

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Guess I should have mentioned that my AFCK has been replaced by a 710HS

I still like the handles on the AFCK better, but the Axis lock won me over, partially because of the tip-up carry, which I prefer. Outcuts all my other folders, too.
Either one's a winner. Just for different reasons-if that makes any sense.
I'd like to see the best features of both combined.