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Thinnest SAK with Pliers

Discussion in 'Multi-tools & Multi-purpose Knives' started by simple6, Jan 7, 2018.

  1. simple6

    simple6 Gold Member Gold Member

    Oct 6, 2002
    I'm looking to add to my pathetic SAK collection. Who makes the thinnest SAK with pliers?

    Pliers, scissors and blade seem to be what I use most. I have a micro Leatherman and it works well, but Id like to try a SAK first.
  2. Rich S

    Rich S

    Sep 23, 2005
    I think the thinnest SAK with pliers is the Mechanic (3 layers). With Scissors and pliers the Deluxe Tinker which I carry. There was a Mechanic Jr (2 layers) but that was a special item long discontinued.
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  3. evh


    Dec 29, 2010
    I know you mentioned you have the "Micro" Leatherman. I am not sure which one that is (did you mean Micra?) I also know you are looking for an SAK. However, take a look at the Leatherman Squirt PS4. It has both pliers and scissors and is so small. I carry it ever day in addition to my SAK Climber. The squirt is so small I carry it in the "coin pocket" of my jeans. See the link below so you can find the thinnest SAK with pliers. A useful website:

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  4. tiguy7

    tiguy7 Gold Member Gold Member

    Jun 25, 2008
    C0AEA59B-112F-46DC-AF86-D905B21398C4.jpeg This is the thinnest SAK with a pliers and a scissors, but that is all it has.
  5. simple6

    simple6 Gold Member Gold Member

    Oct 6, 2002
    Not sure which LM I have but it's small.
  6. simple6

    simple6 Gold Member Gold Member

    Oct 6, 2002
    Thank you all, ordered a LM ps4, should do nicely. Thank you evh for the recommendation. Ofcourse I may still get a Victorinox Tinker deluxe. :D

    On a side note, I picked up a Gerber Dime last week and it was terrible. Quality is obviously below LM. I have a large Gerber, 600 I think, and it has been good. I was surprised by the Dime.
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  7. jackknife


    Oct 2, 2004
    I think you will so pleased wth the little Leatherman squirt that it's going to become a daily part of your pocket stuff. I used to be anti Leatherman. Just didn't ever really consider them as I was too much a very very hard core SAK carrier. Have loved Victorinox since my first one in 1969.

    But a forum member gifted me his lightly used Squirt, and the more I carried it, the more I feel in love with it. It's been about three years plus a little, but the Leatherman Squirt has become my everyday pocket tool, no matter what else I may carry in another pocket. The squirt lives in my jeans coin pocket. Any other pocket knife I may have on me is in my right side pocket, but the squirt gets the bulk of use. I never ever expected a small pliers it. be so handy, but as a senior citizen with some arthritis issues, sometimes fingers can't get it done. Then it's so easy to get the squirt out a do what needs to be done.

    Edit to add; the squirt has been so good to have that it is pushing my classic out of the carry. For 20 years I've kept a classic on my keyring, but the past year has slowly been seeing a change in my attitude. The squirt is about the same dimensions, just thicker and a bit heavier. But it's a heavy duty little sucker, capable of much more than the classic. It's been a weird war of feeling, but the Leatheman squirt is slowly replacing my classic as a 'every single day carry in spite of anything else.'

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  8. evh


    Dec 29, 2010
    simple6, I think you will be quite happy with the squirt. Note, I also have the Gerber Dime. The quality difference is night and day between the two. As Jackknife said, you will be amazed at how good the pliers work (the file and scissors are quite handy as well). The only thing I liked about the Dime better was the bottle opener. It sticks out of the end (i.e. it is bigger and you don't have to unfold it - it is right there). There is one in the Squirt, but you have to find the tool and pull it out. It works, but not as well as the end of the Dime (with all the Craft Beers without twist offs, a bottle opener "Cap Lifter" is a new requirement these days). Actually when I need to open a bottle I use the bottle opener on my SAK Climber. It is bigger and works better then the one on the Squirt.
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  9. 22-rimfire

    22-rimfire Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 20, 2005
    I think you'll like the Ps4 Squirt. Certainly a little more chunky that a tiny SAK, but it is very useful to have with you. I was looking at the Gerber Dime a while back and someone here suggested that it is not as good as what I'm used to. You're experience confirms this. I generally don't buy Gerber multi-tools although I own three of them and never use them. Choose the Vic or SOG every time I consider carrying it in my tool bag/field bag (work). That bag contains multiple knife and small tool choices if I need them and it goes most places my truck goes. But, I'm thinking about a smaller tool bag for my regular use mostly non-work vehicle now as the field bag is quite full, large, and takes up a lot of room.
  10. Piso Mojado

    Piso Mojado Basic Member Basic Member

    Jan 11, 2006
    Smallest Delémont with pliers is Evolution S52, 85mm long but fairly chunky with scissors, wood saw and locking blade. Wenger had the Journeyman, an 85mm Mechanic equivalent. SAK Guy posted this photo three years ago:


    Journeyman didn't make it into the Delémont Collection. SAKwiki.com thinks the Mechanic is out of production. Mechanic Jr. AKA Special Mechanic was a special product for Radio Shack's Techline brand of tools. Remember Radio Shack?


    Smallest pliers knife still in production is Evolution S52 which is small but not exactly slim.
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  11. wire edge

    wire edge Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 6, 2001
    Yeah, the old Radio Shack Special Mechanic is the thinnest production model that Vic made. I have a well loved/used Special Mechanic and I’m glad to have it.
  12. 22-rimfire

    22-rimfire Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 20, 2005
    I think if the pliers on the Leatherman Ps4 (or similar) aren't "enough" and something you use often, I would add a small pliers to my pocket tools which are much easier to use and stronger.
  13. jhiggs1216

    jhiggs1216 Basic Member Basic Member

    Sep 3, 2015
    I know it's not a SAK but definitely recommend the Leatherman PS4
  14. samek


    May 7, 2003
    I Win! :)
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