Thinning Epoxy??

Aug 12, 2002
Title says it all, how do I thin epoxy without affecting it's bonding?
I use Parks Epoxy and Lacquer Thinner. I got it at the local True Value Hdwe. As far as effecting the bond , I haven't noticed any difference in the bond but it takes longer to set. The thinner you get it, the longer it takes to get cured out.

Use plenty of ventilation. And it smells bad.

Thanks much. :)

taking longer to set won't take long, I'll let it sit for a few days probably.

Doh, cept I just realized I gotta put it off till thursday now since they won't be open tomorrow
JB Weld is thick, Devcon 2 Ton not near as thick, Shafting epoxy from Golfsmith is pretty thin.
Look into the epoxies used for fishing rod-building. Some of them are extremely thinset. Also (just a thought) look into the Loctite CA adhesives that claim toughness and no-whiteness or clouding when they set. I think Loctite 411 is the number I use at work. I bought a huge bottle and it has served me well.