This is not a review on a whole knife, but a review on one of its feature.

Mar 29, 1999
Have you ever sawed a coconut in half with the woodsaw of a SAK? AWESOME!

It is my favorite way to open coconut, even if I am at home and I could use different tools.

I have cutted perhaps 25 coconut with my Victorinox Swiss Champ, it has no wobble, its woodsaw is still "hair-popping" (for a saw), and when sometimes I had a wrong stroke, the saw flexed like a rainbow, springing back without damage.

Moreover, the teeth of the saw clean themselves very well, they don't collect dirt at all that could make finishing your work harder.

Sorry for this silly post, but I am amazed by this small knife with big muscles.

I have always been amazed by how well the saw on a SAK works.

Unfortunately, nether of my current SAKs have a saw

I carry a SwissTool. I haven't had a chance to use the saw on much besides Delrin, but now I'll know that I can use it on coconuts. Could come in handy in case I'm stranded on a tropical island.

The saw on SAKs is the best in the business for its size and intended purpose.When examining saws on other(usually much larger)
knives and tools I always use the SAK saw as a basis of comparison.Generally the larger saws come up short and a waste on these knives.
Once while visiting my younger sister she told me her toilet seat was cracked and hanging off and asked me to replace it.Before buying a new one I wanted to remove the broken one to throw in the trash.She had no tools whatsoever in her apartment and just out of curiousity I decided to use the saw on my SAK.It cut through it like butter.I'm not sure of the material,some strange knid of plastic.

I seem to remember one of the knife mags (Tactical Knives?) having an article on the SAK not too terribly long ago & the author (military type) had some sort of a "Sucker Bet" where he would challenge someone to a cutting contest: him w/ SAK saw & the "Mark" w/ some sort of knife (hacking). Apparently the saw wins pretty much all of the time...
(The saw on my Swisstool is a monster- goes through tree branches like they owed it money)

Runs With Scissors
AKTI# A000107
Rugger, I saw that article also. It was a SAK saw against the M-9 bayonet on a 2X4. I love my SAK saw and have little respect for the M-9 for anything! Not a good enough combination of field knife and bayonet. Give me a good field knife and the old M-7 bayonet any day! --or-- Issue me the M-7 and I'll get my own knife, since the Army has'nt seen fit to issue a good field knife for a while.

Bruce Woodbury