This is so bad

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I know what you mean...if you feel that strongly about it, send him an email telling him what you think.

Mark, here's another one.

The title says Dalton Fighter and the description says similar to.

And it's a copy of the pocket hawk.

This is sad.

I think these people are real jerks.
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At the risk of being thrown off of one of my favorte websites, I'd like to say, from the bottom of my heart, that this guy is an *******. (I'm sorry if I've offended anyone, but this guy IS AN *******.)
At the last gun show, I saw several of these copies. They all were selling for under twenty dollars. The signs said DALTON in large block letters, and then in tiny letters "immitations".
Remember the guy who I said came running up about 15-20 seconds after I had found the genuine Dalton Pocket Hawk, breathlessly saying, "Is that a real one"?! I had just witnessed him buy four Pocket Hawk copies at another table. He was on "shaky ground" with me also. He shouldn't have bought that crapola. He knew that they weren't real Pocket Hawks because he wouldn't have came running up asking if mine was a real one if he had. He shouldn't have bought something from someone who obviously was trying to rip people off with that "DALTONS" sign in large block letters and with the word immitations in tiny script letters.


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system we live in.

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Obviously there are enough people buying these knives to keep these low life manufacturers in business. What a bloody shame.


"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery."

What can you do? E-mail the real maker, and see if he wants to argue with them? He doesn't need the aggravation.

Let's face it: some of us like champagne, some of us like a good beer now and then -- and some dumb b@st@rds think they're getting over by drinking whatever no-name softdrink is on sale. Don't get mad. Pity them.
think fake knives are bad ya see tons of fake rolex watches too - i saw a fake ladyhawk at the gunshow - bought it was $5 - gave to my bro in law - it was junk of course - but they sell - this guy had copies of the kershaw onion torsion assist, BM AFCK, spyderco delica, dadada - i would sue sue sue if it was my copyrighted material but guess lawyers cost too much
These knives are all over ebay. If everybody ignored them, they'd go away.

Vet, if ya want a real Rolex, I can get you one down on Canal St. for $15
Well, the type of people who buy a knife at the swap meet don't care that it isn't real. They want it to look cool, and be under $20. I felt the same way when I was 6! But I'm sure the peolple buying these are much older, and should be wiser. At least spend the $20 on a SAK, or similar lower cost but good quality knife.
Valid points are made by all. Still, this needs to got to the GB+U forum

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