This thread got me thinking

Jul 29, 2002
Is the dog show at the fair grounds or at the vet center? I live on the north end of columbus of 71 north. I di not know there was a shwo there this weekend. We get allot of different shows here, mostly the horse shows (quarter horse, etc.)

last time I saw a remington dog stripping knife it was in a picture of knife world!!!

Let me know about the schrade trapper if you see one, I will definitely send you the money for it, if you can find one. Please do not go through too much trouble to find one.

This is one "elusive" knife!!!
Nov 9, 2004
gotta agree with the majority on this one.
Case is catering to the collectors, period.
To bad, Case makes a good 'american made' knife but they
priced them selfs out of bussiness as far as the general
knife buying public is conserned. even large discount
stores stopped carrying them due to high prices.
another case of corporate greed here I'm afraid.