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This week on "Survivor" ...


Jan 31, 1999
Make sure you watch this week's episode. Coming attractions indicate the guy who went pig hunting last episode with a knife on a stick is successful. He kills a pig and makes the girls cry.

This show is supposed to be about SURVIVAL, right ? In my book, any guy who goes into the bush with a knife and a stick and comes back with pork chops should WIN, hands down ! And if eating said bacon upsets anyone, they can subsist on rice and tapi-o-ca, or eat their shoe for all I care.
The promo I saw showed the guy putting on warpaint after killing the pig: the paint was the pig's blood. I think that this guy has become unbalanced from spending too much time in the sun.
The "survival" game isn't the real game being played. The people that think survival skills will win you the million bucks get voted off. It is, after all, a GAME, and not a vacation or Scouts camp!

From the t.v. clip I'd have to agree about the dude who got the pig. Perhaps getting the pig was a good idea, but making blood war paint faces, especially IN FRONT OF THE OTHER PEOPLE, is a quick way to get yourself voted off...

Then again, the network does make the show kinda soap operaish, so I bet that they want us to think he'll get voted off, but someone else will be. Oh well, as long as they show more shots of the knives I'll consider it to be a good show!

"Come What May..."
I figure the guy wants to be known as the guy who actually *could* have survived in the wilds. Those folks are gonna be remembered for years because of that show. Might as well make it memorable!

btw, I think a sharpened point on a wood spear would be sufficient, no need to gird the knife to it.

you are right. Nobody needs a knife on a stick to kill a pig. During the ice time the tribes here in Europe used wooden lances with fire-hardened tips to hunt down the mammouth (you know, the ice elephants) Such lances and spears are often found by archeologists.


A man without a knife you can´t really call a man.

My grandfather
Isn't Aussie pig hunting normally done with a large knife and a dog? Personally, I would prefer a lance. The more distance between you and the boar, the better. IMHO.

Glen AKA Centaur
"I'll be your Huckleberry."
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