Thistle - revisited - Exciting News!!

Holy crap 😱😱😍😍
Thank you, Murph!
Appreciate it, J!
Oh my, those are amazing! Great work.

More info? aka - how to get our own Sharp & Fiery Thistle?
Thank you, my friend. Possibly more info coming. :)
Wow Coleman, where do I get in line? Those are all stunners!!!
Thank you, J.
Very nice Coleman!
JJ, thank you. :)
Stoked you like it.
The one on the right is stunning!

What's the handle on the one in the middle? Almost looks like it will crumble if touched.
Much appreciated. Cococarta it is. :)
Heck yea Coleman! I can’t wait to get one of these in hand when the time comes!! Well done, Sir!
Thank you, Mr. Moostache. 😁
Those look amazing and the one on the right is ridiculous! You guys knocked it out of the park on these!! 😍 Can’t wait to get mine! 😉
☺️ Very, very kind of you. Thank you.
Those look awesome. Thanks for sharing.
My pleasure. Thank you for the kind words.
Very attractive knives in a size and style that's right up my alley. Nice job.
Following along in the hopes of acquiring one in the future
Love it! It won’t hurt to follow along ;) I’d hate for your hopes to be crushed. 😁
Thank you.
Wow!!! So cool.......Congrats on this combined effort............. Your in the big leagues now my friend!😉
Awe come on now…👊🏼 You’re too nice, J.
Coleman, excellent. :thumbsup:
Thank you, David. :)