Thomas Crown Affair

Oct 4, 1998
The movie is not released yet... But on the TV commercial, you can see Rene Russo flicking open an automatic knife... I think... It happened too fast to get a clear look. Did anyone identify that little piece?
I also noticed that little thing: From the handle shape I saw it might be either a MicroTech SUDT or a GT auto, it has that handle shape that the two share in common. This, actually, is one summer action / drama I am VERY interested in seeing. I respect Rene Russo very much, I adore the original version of this film (didn't think an 18 year old saw the first, circa 1968 version?), and the director (John McTiernan, of Die Hard, The Hunt For Red October, and Predator fame) seems to have a knack for achieving excitement on screen without stooping to conventional action-style direction. I am also excited to see a full-fledged use of a new cinema device called the "SpaceCam". This machine is capable of doing such precise and advanced camera movement it's amazing, things that used to require attaching vehicles onto pulling crafts s now no longer needed, this thing can keep a stable shot of Pierce Brosnan on a Catamaran while panning in from almost a half mile away, something that gives the entire Catamaran race scene in the film a very realistic sense of movement and clarity. The entire thing was all taken from what is called "Grab Shots", camera captured images hat are chosen from a large length of completely non-scripted action. It loosk real because it is real.


Robert Joseph Ansbro

If it can be written, or thought, it can be filmed.
-Stanley Kubrick, 1928-1999