Thomas Crown Affair

Oct 3, 1998
Anyone seen this movie? Rene Russo had a folding knuckle knife but it was an automatic.It happened so fast but I am sure she didn't flick her wrist to open it but pressed a release button.When it comes out on video I can always rewind in slo mo to see.Just wondering if any one else saw this knife.
I saw that knife in a commercial for the movie. My wife and I were in bed watching TV, and when that came on, I shouted, "OH MY GOD, I WANT THAT!!"
The wife got all mad, CERTAIN that I was referring to Ms. Russo, and not the knife!
Have not seen the movie, Rene Russo is hot though....
Anyway. When I lived in NY I saw knives like that in Chinatown. They sold for about $20.00. Like most of the knives they sell down there, they were cheap imported CRAP! The idea is cool though..... It might be nice to make good one.... No, I better stick with hunting knives!!!!
Did you notice how she flinched when the knife opened? Saw it in the TV ad and couldn't help but laugh. Guess she doesn't come into contact with too many autoknives in the real world.

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great pic, Radarman! Just have to add my two cents: She's an insurance claims adjuster...what the heck is up with the full black leather outfit and the auto knuckle knife??? Granted, I'm not complaining, but how did that scene get out of the editing room?
The editor was probably distracted by the beach scene, or maybe the resort house scene or the tussle on the stairs scene or...well I guess you get the picture (pun intended).BTW, was there anything else in that movie besides that knife and Rene ?

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