Those "New" to the Hinderer Forum ( Please Read)

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Jan 12, 2011
Few simple guidelines that go to the issue(s) of what the RHK Forum IS and what it ISN'T.

- Great place to come have fun, enjoy comradery surrounding all things Hinderer.
- Seek and receive information and guidance about many things, suggest reading stickies and browsing the forum
- Post pics, thread topics of interest relating to Hinderer products.

- A place to conduct business pursuits (overtly or covertly) relating to products and/or services already provided by RHK or its affiliated Authorized Dealer Network.
- A place to discuss secondary market issues including pricing, Lottery procedure or Dealer practices.
- A place to discuss other knives or Knife Makers.
- A place to post in order to start "Drama" (there are places to do that on BF and it's Not here).
- A place to post or discuss Unauthorized (Non-Hinderer) alterations, modifications or Fakes. IF you have a question, PM a Mod.
- A place to debate or discuss the RHK business model.
- A place to pursue Warranty issues or resolutions nor is it a venue for addressing "business issues" with RHK.
IF in doubt send Rob an email OR contact a Moderator via email or PM.
IF you decide to "wing it" - Do so at your own peril. Those who conduct themselves as "Trolls" will be treated as such, If you value your time on BF - Infraction Points can add up quick (Fair Warning).
Be Advised - A thread or post may end up Moved/Edited/Deleted without notice. IF you have a question or comment PM that Mod.
Do Not take that as an "invite" to comment in open forum.

The "climate" of the RHK forum will be maintained for the enjoyment and benefit of ALL and kept to the standard set forth by Rick and Rob.
That is everyones responsibility and the Job of the Moderators.

Enjoy the Forum and lets make sure it stays what it is - A great place to come and share experiences relating to a Great Brand.

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