Those of you wanting a Delta Z Osprey, read this

Frankly, am amazed that there are not several posts here already. But, guess I'll dip my toes in first anyhow.

I was one who posted when you showed the pictures, if I remember. Really like the looks of the knife, even surprised myself how much I liked the red one.

In response to your question, I'm most curious as to what the actual cost difference would be. When you asked us to look, I did. But before that, guess 'cause am so used to seeing liners, didn't give them a second glance except to approve of the cutting back on the liner release. Sure, I suppose it might look better if the liner edges were covered, but am amazed that anyone even thought of it.

My concern with the price stems from a magazine article about the Buck Strider. Jerry Van Cook complained about the sharp edges of the scales. Strider's partner told him that they could be sanded off in 60 second or less. And, he said, that if Strider did it, it would add $20 to $30 to the cost.

I can't afford to buy knives at $190 or whatever the Strider is priced at. But, even if I could, I think I could forego colored edges on the sides of liners, if it was going to add 10-15% or more on the cost. I have no idea how much Delta Z plans to charge for the production knives. I somehow can't see the Osprey coming in at $50 or under like Darrell's other collaborations. But, if it is, and it would raise the cost from $50 to $55, sign me right up!

Sorry to straddle the fence so firmly,

Asi es la vida


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My son is a Marine Corps pilot and a member of the Test and Evaluation team for the V-22, "Osprey" . He is also the maintenace officer for the V-22 squadron at New River Air Station in NC. The new D.R. collaboration might spark some interest among the Osprey community at New River. I know I will want one to send to my son.(burl handles please

Let me know when they are available please!!