Thoughs on the new MOLLE ruck system????

Aug 20, 2000
I got the system from my unit 2 weeks ago, this thing is huge, even without all the accessories and the patrol pack. I haven't had a chance to field it yet. Just want to know how are the thoughs on this thing from other poeple. I have heard complain with some psychop guys about it being too tall for good prone position, but i'm medical so i'll never have to use prone. What should i pay attention to? Any tips on proper usage?
Why are you wearing a ruck in the prone position? Doesn't the MOLLE pack have those quick detach shoulder straps? That <b>is</b> what they are for - you quickly ditch the pack to get in the prone, charge a position, etc.

Wearing a ruck in the prone is a good way to get dead really quick when an incoming grenade / soldier with a bayonet / heavy drop decides to be in the same fighting position as you are....
Finally, some feedback. And those thoughs were not by me, just fellow soldiers i know. Yes the patrol pack is the primary designated fighting and general use pack in areas of known concentration; but the problem arises when you are in full ruck lumbering through the woods. It actually takes quite a bit to throw off the main ruck, especially if the chest strap is on and the waistbelt, to switch the patrol pack from the ruck to stand alone requires 4 buckle to be snapped out and 2 to be snapped in, quite a long procedure, in normal situation, very fast, but under fire, slow. I've tried it as they described and it is horrible, the pack when fully pack (not properly, just fully) is gargantuant, especially with a sleeping bag. Width alone can get up to 23 inches jutting from the small of the back. and that is just fine in the old Alice, but the patrol pack on top shifts, and if unproperly secured slides over the head in a prone fighting position. Add this qith a kevlar and it is really bad, i tried it with my kevlar and it was horrible. With practice they can be removed fairly quickly, but still not quickly enough to go into immediate prone. Basically that is all that i have been told and all that i have tried, most of us will never be in anything close to that, so once i get a chance to do some real world rucking with no prone position required, i will post full review.