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Thoughts--If / When the Busse folder....?

Discussion in 'Busse Combat Knives' started by Need2Know, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. Need2Know

    Need2Know Gold Member Gold Member

    Aug 31, 2011
    What do all of you think?
    Thoughts on blade shape, size?
    What type of locking system?
    What handle materials?

    I would not mind seeing a spear or drop point in a Ti framelock. That said, I am interested in whatever eventually rolls out.

    What say you?
  2. mikeymoto

    mikeymoto Platinum Member Platinum Member

    Dec 20, 2004
    G10 liner lock s30v anybody?
  3. dericdesmond

    dericdesmond Gold Member Gold Member

    Sep 10, 2007
    I carried that ^ today, its called a rat trap :p

    100% INFI for me baby! :)
  4. Trident777


    Jul 11, 2011
    I don't think busse will ever make a folder.
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2012

    MADDMAN Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 3, 2010
    Yeah, anyway... a month or so ago, there was this Leprechaun... long story short---I was this [-] close! Sneaky little buggers; was gonna ask him for an INFI folder...

    Note: the aforementioned scenario has a more likely chance of success than seeing a folder in the next, well---probably ever...

    ...But, on the off chance there really is something at the end of "that" rainbow...?!? I'm thinking DC w/ Black canvas & crimson liners or dc w/ black/red G-10...:rolleyes: Anyone know which hard spirits attract the little folk?
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2012
  6. giant1


    May 9, 2007
    My thoughts are.....

    Don't hold your breath.

    Just enjoy the fixed blades and get a folder from one of many other good makers ;)
  7. ragnerok

    ragnerok Gold Member Gold Member

    Oct 25, 2008
  8. KnifeAddictAK


    Nov 17, 2003
    Two weeks :D
  9. MikeH


    Oct 18, 2001
    Let's imagine that you owned a knife company that was legendary for the toughness of it's knives and for the almost limitless warranty. Let's say that your knives' reputation was such that what would be considered abuse of most knives was just common practice with your knives, and many users considered damaging your knives to be a challenge to be attempted.

    Now let's break our knives in the middle, put in a pivot and make the knife fold. No matter how tough the steel is, no matter the quality of construction, you have made your knife considerably weaker, and those who would deliberately destroy your knives are still out there. So what do you do about that warranty?
    No reasonable person would begrudge you the option of disallowing deliberate, wanton abuse from being covered. However, your reputation and pride of product is tied to that bombproof warranty. Other folder manufacturers claim to have such warranties, but they all sooner or later invoke unreasonable abuse as an out.

    So what would you do?

    As the manufacturer, I wouldn't make the folder.

    As a customer, I would be happy to accept a lesser warranty to get the knife.
  10. Need2Know

    Need2Know Gold Member Gold Member

    Aug 31, 2011
    There is a hint of negativity in this thread. That is far from my intent.

    If one dwells on all that can go wrong and focuses solely on the what ifs, nothing would ever be accomplished.

    As to warranty, I see these being built to a standard that is top in the Industry. Covering defects in materials and workmanship, but not intentional excessive damage---is fine by me.
  11. JohnTheTexican

    JohnTheTexican Gold Member Gold Member

    Jul 1, 2006
    My guess would be something like these (click the pic for a larger image):


    (These are pics from Jerry's 2006 patent application previously posted by SNAFU here.)
  12. Gundog JYD#138

    Gundog JYD#138 Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 26, 2011
    It will be the Busse two weeks
  13. skorpyd


    Jan 24, 2010
    They have already made at least one. It was at last years Blade show. Somebody show the pics.
  14. KnifeAddictAK


    Nov 17, 2003

    I would have to agree with the wisdom of Mike. Besides, if we get the folder, we'll have nothing left to hold on to. The folder dream has been alive for the past 12 years, so I say KEEP THE DREAM ALIVE. And I don't see any negativity at all :) Just an old, wise hog that has been around that has a great point about the matter (MikeH).
  15. Soulrack223

    Soulrack223 Gold Member Gold Member

    May 8, 2007
    Jerry has made at least 2 folders. None have been produced in quantity and IMO never will be.
  16. Gundog JYD#138

    Gundog JYD#138 Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 26, 2011
    There is a picture or JAXX holding the busse folder floating around the forum.
  17. MikeH


    Oct 18, 2001
    Yeah, I have fondled a folder prototype myself, at the Blade Show, but making it a production item is the issue. There is no doubt that a very few exist.
  18. KnifeAddictAK


    Nov 17, 2003
  19. Gundog JYD#138

    Gundog JYD#138 Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 26, 2011
    Mass producing folders is a whole new ball game
  20. Thrill


    Sep 9, 2010
    No need to mass produce; the fixed blades aren't. I continue to dream of the Busse folder. :)

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