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Oct 14, 1998
I rather like the looks of it, although I've never handled one. I like blades in the 3" range. What do you think? This would just be something to get while waiting for the new baby boa's to surface.
Clocker, I really like mine. It is a very robust knife, and mine came with a very fine edge right out of the box.

The only change I made was to reverse the clip to tip-up carry from the tip-down it was originally configured for. The Axis lock keeps the blade in the handle. No worries about the knife coming open in the pocket.

Highly recommended.


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The handle on the Benchmade 720 is way too small (short) for serious work or self defense. Get a Bencmade AFCK and you won't regret it!!
The 720 is an excellent work knife, good size and ergonomics, smooth action and a solid lock. I have had no less than 3 bought right off of my belt by co-workers, a real testament to the knife.

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Originally posted by clocker:
I rather like the looks of it, although I've never handled one.
First knife I've ever bought without first handling it. I haven't regretted it,
<A HREF=""><img src="" align=right>read more of what I think of it here</A>.

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I echo the sentiments of most of the above posters. It is a well designed knife that has performed well for me. This summer we will see how it performs for routine camping chores. You will not regret buying it.
Not a bad blade! Extremely smooth and very sharp out of the box. I've noticed consistency with these as well, as I check all my blades when they arrive for my stock. A well made piece. But, I did make a AFCK 800 my new pocket carry this week!

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Mike Payne
Impressed with the 720, just picked up the plain edge on a trade for sheath work. Like the handle, even the name deeply engraved gives some purchase on the handle if wet, plus 1,000 years from now you will probably still be able to read it, unlike the etching on the blade.
The blade came sharp, relatively sharp for me, there was a slight nick on the blade about 3/4" up from the guard, not bad enough to make me want to sharpen it out, I'll just work down to it as I sharpen it when the rest of the blade needs it. I think I might knock down the primary bevels a little to make it slice a little better though, when I had a stack of glued together pieces of leather and tried push cutting through, it would cut through ok, but as usual when I drew my Large Sebenza and put it to the task it was ridiculously easier cutting, always makes me wonder why do I bother with other knives? because they are neat I guess

The lock is all everyone has said it was, did a search this morning and read some history and wanted to thank you guys, some good reading. Pulling back on the lock, the blade swings open easily, much the same as the rolling lock on my Rob Simonich Carnivore does. All in all I like this little tank of a knife and will rotate it as my daily carry knife, until someone makes me sell it to them at work, but I'll hang onto it for a while.

I have carried a 720 every day since I got it about five months ago. It came very sharp, like everyone else said, and it's easy work when it needs sharpened again. Great knife you can't go wrong with.
Great knife. My only complaint is that it comes with Benchmade's typical too-thick edge grind. Other than that, it is fantastic. Useful blade shape, ergonomic handle (although note the post above by PRKsux claiming it's too small for him), nice action, and of course the awesome axis lock.

Kind of the perfect size. The 705 was my favorite because of the way it handles. The 710 is great but a little too big. The 720 seems the best compromise and is now my choice. (I still don't like my 730, though.)

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I'll echo Joe Talmadge's assesment.
I'll add that if you have large hands, you should hold one to make sure it'll fit yer big mitts before buying. It has a borderline small handle for my hands, but it is still a great folder.

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I picked up one, very nice, smooth. Course grind on the blade, not all that sharp even for a Benchmade.
But Great feel, very nice.
Tell you what Clocker, mine is VERY sharp, I touched it up some on a Spyderco double stuff and it's hair poppin'. I still have that little nick in the blade, but will worry about that later when the entire edge needs work, no need to sharpen the edge down to that little thing. But my knife has an extremely sharp edge, it's a little thicker than my Sebenzas and so they do slice just a tad better, but not by much. So take heart and sharpen that baby up.

Absolutely, touched it up right away...nicely sharp now.
But, do I ask too much of Benchmade to sharpen the thing before they stick it in a box.
I have many Benchmade knives (and love em). But when I compare them to Spyderco, Microtech, Kershaw, Boye, ...etc. Benchmade comes in dead last for "sharp out of the box".