Thoughts on Fer de Lance?

Aug 4, 1999
I'm not busy enough with making the first run of my Tactical Utility knives.......
I have friends-customers that would like me to make 3-4 reproductions of the Pacific Cutlery Fer de Lance! The goal is to have at least one ready for a Christmas present.
I have followed several leads from another post to obtain one of these knives and no luck. I have posted in the Knives Wanted area here also. I would greatly appreciate a close tracing from someone who has one of these knives!!!! Or if someone would part with one for a good price...Also any pictures, history, reviews etc.
I am thinking A2 with black G10, any thoughts on this???

Dr. I have sold one to a friend a few months ago I will get a tracing of it if I can it might take a few days . I am sure that he will let me trace it ,he would like to see your version as would I . I have sent you an email inregards to a knife that you have on your web page.