Thoughts on the Benchmade 705/710 anyone?

Jun 15, 1999
Anyone seen a model 710 or a 720 before? If so, anyone got a preference on which they liked better? They look similar, but who knows by just looking. Also, would anyone reccomend one of them over a Benchmade Stryker?
I have two 710's. Haven't touched a 720. Simply put, I would take either over the liner lock, and either's blade will do just as well at anything except maybe stabbing a car door.

The Axis lock RULES!!!

Work hard, play hard, live long.

i recently bought a BM710, and i really like it, i really love the recurved blade- it works great for things like cutting paper/cardboard, opening envelopes, or other things where blades tend to slip off the cutting material.
i really like the lock, i havent been able to unintentionally disengage it yet-ive got a knack for mucking things up.
overall, i really like it. good knife
I acquired a 710 about a month ago and I have been smitten. This knife comes very close to having it all. Silky smooth action, rock solid locking mechanism and IMHO very good ergonomics. Also LOVE the recurved blade and oddly enough, I don't feel the clip biting into the palm of my hand like a few of my other folders. It has earned a permanent place in my left pocket. A REKAT Carnivour lives in the right pocket. Is this a GREAT time to be a knife nut or what?!! SOOO many awesome knives, not enough of a lifetime to wear'em all out!
wow, that stuff i heard bout a linear lock being better must be wrong then eh?