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Three barongs for sale

Mar 26, 2009
Two 5160 and one slimline 80CrV2 utility barongs- forged to shape, distalled blades and tangs, Differential hardened. Natural micarta scales.
Special $335/ea., CONUS+2 shipping and PP fees included
Those are incredible! Do you have specs?
-blade thickness
-blade length
-blade height
-handle material
Jim is at Blade show this week, so may or may not log in to answer.

BUT.... I'm pretty sure those are 12" tiles, so the blades should be 6.5-7" long.
IIRC, spine on the top one was right around 1/4" at the thickest point - it tapers a LOT fore and aft.
The other 2 were maybe 3/16" at the thickest.
scales are natural micarta
height is probably in the 2 1/4" - 2 3/4" range, depending on which one you're looking at.

the top one is definitely heavier, but still lively due to balance point -- even do, it's more choppy.
the other 2 are thinner and lighter - very slicey and fast in the hand.
the bottom one also has very flat scales. the texturing gives it a nice grip, though.
nope - it's been a year since I last handled them.
if you want a fighter/kata knife, go with the sculpted handle one if it's still available.
if you want a GP food prep/camp utility/hunting knife, the other 2 are more comfortable for prolonged use.
saw one of these (or one very similar) posted for sale on his FB page a week or so ago.