Three Bird's Beak Santokus

Daniel Koster
Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider
Oct 18, 2001
Finished these up last weekend. Fun knives to work on. Going to become a permanent pattern on my list, I think. (Thanks biogon!)

I didn't have enough time to set up a proper my pics are not up-to-spec. But still, not too bad.
  • O.A.L. = 11-11.25"
  • Blade = 6.5", 440C, heat treated by Paul Bos, full flat grind, small micro-bevel
  • Handles = various stabilized woods & Corian bolster. In order, top to bottom: Redwood Burl, Myrtlewood, Chechen Burl.

Very nice Daniel...........I'm really getting into the 'kitchen knife' thing.

Nothing comes close to the sharpness of a good blade ground down paper thin with the right amount of heft to it. :cool:
Wow, those are beautiful!
Look sharp, useable and elegant! Some pretty looken hands there!

So...when you going to make a balisong? ;)
Thanks, guys! It was truly a pleasure.

MicMurry said:
So...when you going to make a balisong?
Just need the right customer to come along.....


Wow... great pics... totally awesome work. Can't wait to see them.

Sad I won't be able to keep any... of all 4 (and soon to be 5) that have passed through my hands, not one of them is in my kitchen... They just keep on being gifts for family members. ;)

If anyone wants to know... Dan's work is impeccable. Totally beyond reproach. Fit and finish, balance, handling, steel and HT. Yum.

Thank you!

Those are some great looking kitchen knives, nice wide blades and pretty
wood handles, do you sell these??
Great pics, great knives! I won't say anything more, BUT if you like these knives wait until sometime after the holidays for a project Daniel and I are working on together (well, he's a little more involved than I am, but you'll see). Just wait! :D

smokejr - yes I do sell them - not these particular ones, but do take orders. Shoot me an email if interested.

Chiro75 - finished my design - wanna see it? :eek:
Yep! Despite the fact that the appropriate answer is three letters and a punctuation mark, I have to write a little more because of my too-short reply.
Very nice and simple. I agree on the comfy look in the handles. Thats a good choice of materials. They look like they are ground super thin, and the no-plunge-cut look on a kitchen knife is growing on me. Jason.
Daniel Koster said:
Just need the right customer to come along.....



Interested? Heck yeah!
Now do I have the money? That would be the killer right there...sigh...

I'll keep the above in mind though, maybe in a couple years... :D