Thrower question

Apr 7, 2004
Hi guys. I bought this throwing knife today at an army surplus for $3.95.

It's not the same maker; it's 'Oscars'. But it's pretty much identical. Anyways, sadly, I don't live in the country nor even in a house, so I won't be throwing it any, unfortunately, but I thought it was a steal at $3.95. So I was thinking maybe it would make a good utility knife of sorts? A box cutter or somesuch thing?

I digress. My question is, if I take this to a sharpening place, will/can they sharpen it? And suggestions on my intended usage?

Thanks. :)
Jul 16, 2004
There are not too many uses for these sorts of knives. Most throwers do not work well as regular cutters.
An edge could be put on, but because of the geometry of the blade it still will not function nicely for cutting.
I would recomend using it for juggling or some such activity.
Sep 11, 2004
Is it double edged? or false?

I'd grind the top edge down, cord wrap the handle; and it may be a decent utility blade.

I don't see why a sharpener won't service you, unless the knife itself is illegal, or it says "DEATH THROWER" or something.