Throwing knife size

Dec 27, 2023
I just started playing with throwing knives and trying to find a good size for non rotational throwing? I have a S&W 8” and it seems short for good handling, I have seen 14” recommended but that seems large. I would think 10” -12” would be about right.
9 to 12 inches for no-spin is the range most folks use. 10 inches is the minimum for SOME throwing competitions. I personally have thrown knives ranging from 10 inches to 16 inches in no-spin competition, with weights ranging from 10 ounces to 19 ounces. A 10 inch 10 ounce knife is definitely easier to throw no-spin than a 16 inch 19 ounce Bowie, but it's really fun to see the looks on people when I pull out the beasts.
If you are trying to spin throw, then the longer and more blade heavy it is, the longer and slower the spins are wich equals more distance for less spins and more "feel". If you Flat throw it doesnt really matter, but I found handle heavy gave more " feel"
I stay away from anything too small or light . Heavier arrives with more authority on target . Tends to stick better for me .
around 10" long is what I like, but weight and balance are more significant when it comes to consistency than length. I still throw old school, I like watching the knife spin through the air