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"Throwing knives"...which are best?

Jan 18, 1999
It's been many years since I've purchased any knives that are specifically designed for throwing, and just as many years since I've thrown a knife for any reason other than cutting my hand! I've had some interest in purchasing a "throwing knife" or two just for fun, and I wanted to know who may have any of the latest designs and what they feel are the most user-friendly or best available. When I purchased my last throwing knives, I bought them from a martial arts supply business, and they were super "el cheapos". There seems to be some more quality throwers available out there now.
Don't know about specialized throwers. My old SOG SEAL 2000 was an awesome thrower.

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Or Harald Moeller's Viper series, or his "Canadian Outdoorsmen" pieces that don't *look* like throwers but most certainly are. The Vipers are what United Cutlery and the other Taiwanese morons like Rigid cloned, without royalties. Harald used to sell knives back before he was a full-time maker, he tried to sell his thrower design to United in much the same way Gil Hibben sold them designs.

Instead, they flat-out ripped him off. So the Vipers will look VERY familiar but the quality is awesome (I own a Viper2) and when your friends show off a piece of Taiwanese crap thrower, you can show them the genuine item that theirs was ripped off from.

He's at: http://www.horn-net.com/hmoeller/

Harald is just *fabulous* at getting the balance dead perfect.

Jim March
If you are just throwing for fun, I would have to recommend the Hibben pro-throwers by United. They are inexpensive and are designed by Gil, a very accomplished thrower himself.
They are made of 420 J2, like all other United products. This steel is unfavorable in many carry and utility/survival knives, but is perfect for throwing knives. The knives will not break or bend and they are easy to put a point on if one becomes dull due to the softness of the metal.
This coupled with the design of the handle makes for a good starter knife. The way the handle is designed promotes consistency in grip and release, two very important factors when learning to throw knives.
Get the combo... there are two sizes and you can determine which you like best before moving on to higher grade knives.
Once/if you become a serious thrower, you may want to look into custom pieces. Check out


I personally like (and own) some of Bobby Branton's knives.

I personaly like the Branton models because I make them. As the President of the American Knife Throwers Alliance I get a chance to throw a lot of knives and help a lot of people who want to learn how to throw.
The AKTA discourages the use of the small floater knives.These knives have their place but not in serious throwing. I tell new people to buy a Branton, Tru Bal
or Viper because they will have better sucess
with one of these custom throwers because they are designed for throwing and can take the abuse of throwing. What ever you decide try to buy a good throwing knife and you will never regret it. Come and visit me at the Blade Show this weekend where I will be putting on the Knife Throwing seminar.

The winners of the last 4 AKTA National Championships have won with Branton Knives.


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I agree with Jim all the way, Moeller's vipers can't be beat. I've got three of them because I hate walking back and forth - and after almost ten yrs, I've chipped two places by hitting another's handle. You can throw them from the blade or from the handle but they may be a little too short or light for the throwing club contests.
Savman, Thanks for this thread, it gave me an opportunity to get in touch with Mr. Moeller, and viewed his web page, and I must admit that I made the fantasy sword an instant background!

But also placed a tenetive order for one of his Frontiersman knives, more for those that care to throw by the blade. I owned one of his Vipers a few years back and it was very well made! Threw by the handle and that is a way that I'm not as good at. I like to hold the point against the lower part of my palm and visualize where the point is going to hit. I spoke a short while with him and he stated that probably next year he will be stopping making knives, so I need to get my order in quickly with him! I told him I'd have to see how many pennies I had left after the Blade Show, then I'll send off and order the knife, he didn't have one in stock at this time, but he could make one fairly quickly. Can't wait to see the throwing demo's and maybe participate some in that?

Keep throwing strong, follow through and picture the knife as it flies through the air slowly turning till the point goes <font color=#FF0000>THUD!</font>

Love that thowin' stuff!

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it's the money.
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Knifeslinger, I know we lost Harry Mcevoy a few years back but is Tru Balance still in business or were you talking about picking them up used? If they are still in business do you know how to get in touch with them?


who dares, wins

HARALD is quitting?


On the off chance someone new here hasn't seen it, this is Harald's work, the design is about 1/3rd his and 2/3rds mine:

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Thanks for the picture of the knife, I haven't seen that one before! Very interesting design, and very agressive-looking! Gary, thanks for the heads up about Harry Moeller planning to quit the business. Looks like it would be best to put an order in quick while we can!
I would like to second the recommendation for the Viper's by Moeller. I have no knife throwing experience. After purchasing a couple of Viper 2's out of curiosity, I was plesently surprised at how easy I could get them to stick into my target with a bit of practice. I could not get the lighter immitation model to stick as consistently.

That's some kind a weapon!

I'm sending my money order to him today! for his Canadian Frontiersman knife, don't want to chance the Blade Show sucking all of my discretionary money, (if there is such a thing)

Check his page out and make is last year a Whopper! He says he is getting tired lately and health problems are closing the gap in his decision to remain in business, send him an email just to say hello, he loves the computer and I'm sure he will return your questions.

Gee, should I get two? hmmmm can't right now but that would be the best thing, two throwing knives, throw one and use the other to get the thrown one back, in case you missed.


See you all at the Show and the throwing seminar, hope they let us try our hand at it?
Is that possible Bobbie?

I afraid the Waverly frowns on letting the public in on the throwing act because of liability issues.
They asked that I not throw at my wife who is part of my routine anymore for the same reason.
Whoever was inquiring about Tru Bal e mail me off list and I will get you that info.
He is in the process of moving and has not sent me his new address.